Anti Acid Hexagonal Tile Floor Solutions for Meat Manufacturers

Anti Acid Hexagonal Tile Floor Solutions for Meat Manufacturers
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Hexagonal tile types offer significant advantages for meat manufacturers. The ground plays the most prominent role in the construction of meat plants. Floors require a high degree of importance because they will carry and ensure high-efficiency machines – which are one of the valuable investments, in the best way. The varieties that will get the greatest efficiency in floor selection should be carefully selected and applied professionally.

The most suitable floor for meat manufacturers

It is necessary to use floors that are resistant to impacts, scratches, and heavy loads in meat plants. A waterproof and fully insulating floor is important for meat manufacturers. Anti-acid, anti-bacterial tile applications that will not pose any danger to health offer effective solutions. For meat manufacturers, the hygiene factor is one of the main issues to be considered. For this reason, a floor application should be made that will provide the necessary hygiene and be highly resistant to external factors.

Our durable and hygienic floor applications brand provides special anti-bacterial long-lasting floor solutions for meat plants. Anti-acid floors produced with ceramic or porcelain raw materials offer long-lasting use for your facility. The coatings that are resistant to various temperature changes and easily meet the physical loads are produced for meat facilities.

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Advantages of hexagonal tiles for meat manufacturers

Increasing hygiene demands have revealed the need for progress in floor coverings as well. We provide services in accordance with the required quality standards with our innovative applications and inventions in our industrial ceramic flooring. Fast and permanent solutions, which will be durable for long periods, have become necessary.

At this point, hexagonal tile stands out with its longevity. Its main advantages are;

  • It has as long as the life of the buildings and always preserves its first-day appearance.
  • Much more durable and hygienic solution in meat facilities compared to concrete floors.
  • Also, it an economical floor covering due to its long life and low maintenance costs.
  • It allows steam cleaning and is resistant to chemicals.
  • It is resistant to heavy loads. In this sense, it is a suitable flooring type for storage areas.
  • There is no need for any surface coatings on ceramic hexagonal tiles.
  • They meet all needs in terms of price and performance.
  • Tiles will be a very important choice in terms of security. Because it provides a certain anti-slip standard and thus ensures safety.
  • It provides a stylish look to the areas where you apply it with its decorative features.
  • Floor covering stands out with its great advantages in various food industries such as beef producers and chicken manufacturers.
  • Manufacturers frequently prefer it because of its non-abrasion and non-absorbent properties and compliance with hygiene standards.
  • Resistance to stains and impacts.
  • It offers high performance with different color types and patterns.

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Hexagonal porcelain applications for beef producers and chicken manufacturers

The most suitable coating product for beef producers and chicken manufacturers is anti-acid porcelain tile applications. Porcelain tile provides great advantages to its users in all kinds of situations. Due to its durability and hygienic properties, and it performs well above expectations, manufacturers often prefer it. Also, it provides critical hygiene standards for users for a long time. The food industry producers prefer it due to its advantages in the beverage industries. We produce in accordance with the features of the facilities and in various aesthetic appearances. We maintain our position as the leader and pioneer company of the sector with our innovations and latest technology applications.

Industrial plant floors producing at high temperatures should not be affected by different temperatures. Hexagonal ceramic tiles and porcelain hexagonal tiles absorb the heating step by step and prevent thermal shocks affecting the substructure. In another word, it protects the floor surface from any possible damage by keeping the concrete under it at a constant temperature at all times. The master left a minimum joint gap on hexagonal floors. Therefore, it prevents the formation of dirt between the joints and ensures the hygienic conditions required for food production. Shortly, you can obtain applications according to your needs with anti-acid floors.

Together with our experienced teams, we can solve technical problems on your floors and provide professional, permanent solutions. We have a variety of solutions that will satisfy you in terms of longevity and aesthetics.