Anuga Fair Opens Its Doors To Visitors And Companies On October 19!

Anuga Fair Opens Its Doors To Visitors And Companies On October 19!
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The food industry is one of the sectors that attract many entrepreneurs and businessmen in our country and worldwide. The food fair, attended by almost all countries of the world, opens its doors to visitors this year at its usual address, Cologne, Germany. The Anuga Fair, which has been hosting companies from the food industry and packaging industry for a century, opens its doors to visitors and companies on October 19.  The fair, which attracts many companies and visitors worldwide every year, draws attention to its scope and other features, different from its counterparts organized worldwide.

Why Are Trade Fairs Important?

Entrepreneurs and companies need to follow innovations in important commercial sectors such as the food sector. Thus, companies prefer trade fairs to promote their new services and products; and curious visitors to be aware of the fair’s innovations. Business people and worldwide entrepreneurs often prefer long-established fairs such as Anuga because they inform about promotions and innovations.

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Why is Anuga Food Fair important?

Anuga Food Fair is a prominent food fair among other similar ones organized for various purposes globally. The food fair, which organizes for a century, attracts everyone interested in the food industry; or wants to introduce new technologies and new products they bring to the sector. Despite the impact of the epidemic, more than 8000 companies and 170.000 visitors from a hundred countries will attend the food fair, held this year in Cologne, Germany, between 19 – 23 October 2021. All these data show us how important Anuga Fair is, especially for the food and packaging industry.

Many participants from our country are expected to be visited this year. Anuga Fair is essential not only for the food sector but also for the packaging sector where the food industry is relevant. The survey among the fair state’s participants that 96% of the exhibitors are delighted with the fair. They said that the Anuga Fair is one of the “best” fairs related to the food and packaging industry. In this respect, Anuga attracts companies that want to exhibit and promote their new products in the food sector and those who want to be aware of the sector’s innovations. In short, for the Anuga Food Fair, the food and packaging industry can be called the “Boat Show.”

Another noteworthy feature of the Anuga Food Fair is that it gathers a large number of companies and visitors under the same roof, in addition to about ten commercial, promotional shows. Among the fair food visitors, the number of commercial companies it hosts, and employees such as chefs; people interested in purchasing and selling industrial kitchen elements. In the meantime, while talking about the Anuga Food Fair, if you have questions about the epidemic, do not worry; we will answer your questions on these issues immediately.

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What about a pandemic?

The epidemic negatively affected many commercial activities around the world. It can be said that many measures have been taken for the Anuga Food Fair, especially regarding the epidemic. This year, the Anuga Fair will be within the Koelnmesse Fairground’s boundaries in Cologne, Germany. The fairground where all kinds of hygiene and health precautions are taken is named B-Safe Village4Business. They take precautions to ensure that both company employees and visitors do not encounter risky hygiene and health situations. B-Safe Village4Business offers a new, safe, and fully equipped fairground for the exhibitors’ employees and visitors.

We mentioned that epidemics have serious effects on commercial activities today. However, the measures taken regarding hygiene and health continue to ensure that activities are carried out within safe limits. Some hotels have special meeting rooms and unique designs to serve business people and investors worldwide; by taking similar hygiene and health measures. The Anuga Fair is taking measures to ensure that around 180,000 exhibitors and 8000 companies from more than a hundred countries take part in the fair safely.

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Delicious innovations wait for you at Anuga Food Fair

The significant increase in the world population in recent years has played a role in bringing the food industry under scrutiny. Thus, it has become one of the food industry’s primary goals to provide more efficient, more innovative and consumers with more options and realize them without harming nature. This trend related to the world’s food sector effectively exhibits different food technologies within the Anuga Fair. What are the innovative food and packaging products we have known for the Anuga Food Fair over the years?

Boermarke Branded “IceCream Donut,” combining ice cream and donut, Acetaia Branded beer, fruit sticks attract attention. Yogurt with the aroma of Cashew Pistachio, snacks produced to close the body’s collagen deficiency are among the innovative food products known to the whole world at the Anuga Fair. These products were so popular when producers introduced them in 2019;  that the fair visitors included them in the “top 10” list in a survey conducted among the fair visitors. As the Fair is an organization for people in about 100 countries worldwide, it is worth mentioning that some of the new food options on offer do not suit our taste buds.

Anuga Fair offers rich options for vegans and those with different food preferences. It is important because it is one of the remarkable fairs of the food industry, innovative packaging technologies, and products. Among the alternatives that the fair offers, different beverages and beverage technologies also have an important place.

Vibroser at Anuga Fair

We had the opportunity to introduce our industrial floor and hygienic panel protection products; we developed for the food industry at the Anuga Fair, which we attended as Vibroser. Producers meet our products with great interest, and use in food facilities all over the world today and ensure that the facilities are longer lasting and hygienic. To the visitors attending the Anuga Fair; We presented our wide range of products, including Anti-Acid Porcelain Tile, Hygienic Panel Protector, Hygienic Border Panel Protector, Hygienic Protective Pontoon, Stainless Tile, Stainless Profile, Joint Filler, Epoxy Adhesive, Silicone Adhesive, and Stainless Drainage Systems.

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