Commercial Ceramic Tiles Floor Coverings

Commercial Ceramic Tiles Floor Coverings
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Commercial ceramic tiles are floor covering products used in industrial areas, have high durability, are hygienic, and are easy to clean. Thanks to commercial ceramic tile flooring, the floor becomes healthier, durable, and non-slip. Commercial ceramic tile products are easy-to-clean flooring. That is why manufacturers can make cleaning and maintenance very quickly.

What is Commercial Ceramic Tile Flooring?

Commercial ceramic tile flooring is a floor covering product resistant to chemicals, oil, and impacts. Ceramic tile is a flooring material that we produce in different sizes and dimensions from ceramic material.

Commercial ceramic tile models offer an ideal flooring solution. Ceramics used in bathrooms or kitchens are not even comparable. Its durable structure, non-bacterial retention on the surface can be used in many fields. Also, the field which uses this floor is protected against chemicals. It is ideal for businesses that want to perform healthy and hygienic production and service. It is possible to find high durability in combination with commercial ceramic tile. Which is known as the best and most durable floor covering.

Vibroser Blog | commercial ceramic tile

Where Is Commercial Ceramic Tile Used?

Commercial ceramic tile flooring offers both durability and hygienic use. In this regard, you can use it in many fields.

Although the usage areas are quite wide. We can list the main usage areas as follows;

  • In all food production facilities, especially meat, milk, fish,
  • Bakeries and patisseries, where vegetable and animal oils are produced,
  • Factories and repair shops, especially in the automotive sector, as it is resistant to oil and chemicals,
  • In the textile industry
  • At gas stations
  • In the cosmetics industry,
  • Health sector such as hospitals and pharmaceutical production facilities,
  • In various power plants,
  • It is suitable for use in areas such as the tourism sector
  • In the transportation sector,

In this way, commercial ceramic tile usage areas are quite wide. It offers a healthy, durable, and long-lasting usage opportunity for every area it is used.

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Is Commercial Ceramic Tile Easy to Clean?

Cleaning of commercial ceramic tile is efficient, thanks to its surface and material structure. Commercial ceramic tile can be cleaned within the scope of routine maintenance,  as it has properties that do not stain and do not cause bacterial growth by itself.

Commercial ceramic tile does not require special cleaning materials in terms of cleaners. One of the biggest features of commercial ceramic tiles is their practical and easy cleaning. Its offers much higher hygiene features, especially for businesses operating in the food field.

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How to Install Commercial Ceramic Tile?

Commercial ceramic tile installation can be done easily according to the size of the area. Thanks to commercial ceramic tile installers, the operations are done in a short time to the application area and thus ready for use. First of all, the existing floor is cleaned with the help of various machines and a clean floor is obtained. Afterward, masters provide a mixture of special mortars to hold the ceramic tiles together and fix them to the floor. After the masters pour mortars on the floor, appliers make necessary leveling adjustments and create a flat base.

Then, ceramic tiles adhere to the floor with special adhesives at specified intervals. Commercial ceramic tile installation needs to be done carefully and meticulously to give the material its best use properties. After the ceramic tiles are attached to the floor with adhesive, necessary work is done to ensure no gap between the floor and the tile.

Horizontal and vertical vibration is used during compaction.  Thus ensuring that the material is fully covered with the ground. The vibratory application technique is the most guaranteed method accepted in the world. After the application, it should be left to rest for a short time. After resting, the floor becomes ready for use. Commercial ceramic tiles are not affected by impacts thanks to their high durability. It provides the opportunity to be used for many years without losing its form. In addition, it does not change color due to its structure.

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