Commercial Porcelain Floor Tiles Features and Usage Areas

Commercial Porcelain Floor Tiles Features and Usage Areas
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Commercial porcelain floor tiles are preferred in industrial areas because they are resistant to external factors. Most facilities where a hygienic environment is important to use these products like flooring. Its properties and development predict the pleasantness of the floor. Its features and qualified structure increase the level of durability of the floor. Moreover, commercial porcelain floor tiles, which come to the fore in the sector with their different types, are easily applied to the floor through certain steps. The resistance of the antacid tile product group to chemicals makes it the preferred choice of products known as commercial porcelain floor tiles.

Vibroser commercial porcelain floor tiles | blog

Commercial Porcelain Floor Tiles Features

Commercial porcelain floor tiles features make it possible for this product group to be qualified and functional. Generally, facilities use Antacid tiles to create a hygienic environment, and tiles have the following features:

  • Oil, acid, and chemical substances do not affect it in any way.
  • It has a matte surface, which prevents slipping and abrasion on the floor.
  • Highly resistant to intensive use.
  • High temperatures do not affect it; it is resistant.
  • Since it is easily and comfortably cleaned, it is possible to create a hygienic floor thanks to this product group.
  • Since it is long-lasting, facilities can use it for years without any problems.
  • Also, its density prevents bacteria and dirt from holding.
  • It is made of natural materials, so no color change is observed after use.
  • As it is environmentally friendly, you can use it easily. 

Listable features as above can also be considered as commercial porcelain floor tiles advantages.

Vibroser commercial porcelain floor tiles | blog

Commercial Porcelain Floor Tiles Usage Areas

Commercial porcelain floor tiles are widely used. Its durability and longevity make it possible to use this product group frequently in the industrial field. We can list the other usage areas of the product group, as follows:

  • Meat and dairy facilities
  • Fish houses
  • Auto industry (manufacturing facilities)
  • Bakeries and patisseries
  • Chemical industry
  • Textile sector
  • Animal and vegetable oil production factories
  • Mass food production areas
  • Tourism sector
  • Power plants
  • Transport industry (metro stations, bus terminals, and airports)
  • Supermarkets, shopping malls, DIY stores
  • Health sector (laboratories, pharmaceutical factories, drug warehouses)
  • Cosmetics industry

The product group, which this and similar areas prefer, contains many advantages, and its usage has recently become widespread.

Vibroser commercial porcelain floor tiles | blog

How to Apply Commercial Porcelain Floor Tiles?

The question of how to apply commercial porcelain floor tiles is one of the issues that many people wonder about. When you apply floor coverings, you have to pass through certain process steps. Each of these steps is very important for professional results after the procedure. Vibrating System Technique makes it possible to make applications very easily and in a planned manner. This method, which is less costly and advantageous than conventional flooring systems, aims to achieve successful results quickly.

Performing floor laying operations; makes it possible to reach a durable, non-slip, and solid floor. For this reason, commercial porcelain floor tiles are known as one of the most preferred floor tiles of recent times due to their qualities.

What are the Application Areas of Commercial Porcelain Floor Tiles?

The application areas of commercial porcelain floor tiles are researched by many people who want to know the subject in-depth. Therefore, it is possible to list the application areas of this product group, which stands out with its durability and easy-to-clean features and in industrial areas prefer it, as follows: 

  • Firstly, in the transition of different materials,
  • Secondly, areas where non-slip surfaces and flat surfaces are important,
  • Thirdly, n parts known as ground-to-floor transition points,
  • Fourthly, it is under the doors in rooms that contain plus-minus heat values.

We can say that manufacturers can use the product group easily in the areas listed above.

Vibroser commercial porcelain floor tiles | blog

Types of Commercial Porcelain Floor Tiles

Commercial porcelain floor tiles differ from each other in terms of their qualities and properties. However, each of them makes it possible for the floor to display a hygienic appearance. After the flooring is ready, the team can clean the floor regularly and quite easily.

Antacid Non-Slip Industrial Tile

Antacid non-slip industrial tile is resistant to chemicals as it has low water absorption values. In addition, it has high protection against acids. As a result, users can clean it quickly and smoothly and supports the formation of a hygienic floor. Therefore, this product group, which is within commercial porcelain floor tiles, is preferred in many areas. Also, antacid non-slip industrial tiles are in R9, R10, R11, and R12 classes and exhibit a very reliable structure in surface non-slip.

Hexagonal Antacid Porcelain Wall Tile

We can list Hexagonal Antacid Porcelain Wall Tiles, which have different color options, as follows:

  • It has a hexagonal form and measures 100×116 mm.
  • The back has a W6 adherence channel that increases the adhesion strength.
  • It is 13.2 mm-15.00-18.00 mm thick.
  • Surface anti-slip is in R9, R10, R11, and R12 classes. It has low water absorption values.
  • With its non-porous structure, the team can clean it easily and without any problems.
  • It does not produce bacteria in any way.
  • It is highly resistant to heavy loads and impacts.

The features listed above are known as the product group features within the scope of commercial porcelain floor tiles. With its easy-to-clean and bacteria-free structure in industrial fields prefer this product group.

Matte Glazed Antacid Porcelain Wall Tile

Therefore, it is possible to list the application areas of this product group, which stands out with its durability and easy-to-clean features and in industrial areas prefer it, as follows: These areas are;

  • Meat and dairy facilities,
  • Fisheries,
  • Bakeries, patisseries,
  • Mass food production places,
  • Vegetable and animal oil production factories,
  • Production facilities in the automotive sector,
  • Vehicle services and showrooms,
  • The textile industry,
  • In the chemical industry,
  • The cosmetics industry,
  • Shopping malls, supermarkets, and DIY stores,
  • Hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical factories, drug warehouses in the health sector,
  • At bus terminals, metro stations, and airports in the transport sector,
  • In power plants,
  • in the tourism industry, etc.

Many sectors use it in resistance to heavy loads and chemicals antacid hygienic floor applications.

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