Coved Skirting by Vibroser® – 2022 New Products

Coved Skirting by Vibroser® – 2022 New Products
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Coved skirting is a product that has become a necessity rather than a choice to be used in areas where hygiene needs must be met at the maximum level. As Vibroser, our Coved Skirting, which we have developed especially for the food sector, fully meets the strict hygiene rules. One of the essential features of our coved skirting products is that they are smooth and non-porous. Our coved skirtings are resistant to impacts and chemicals and are easy to clean.

Our coved skirting products with high impact resistance are primarily used in the food processing industry. Cold storage rooms and small or large-scale cold storage warehouses prefer our Coved Skirting products.

Because these products are resistant to weather changes in the environment, they do not compromise their first-day appearance and resistance under any circumstances.

Coved skirting; It is a smooth surfaced product that is resistant to chemicals and acids used on walls, columns, and panel bottoms. In food manufacturing, flooring areas, walls, columns, and panel bottoms are areas where bacteria formation is most intense. Since these areas can often be overlooked during cleaning, there are problems in providing hygiene. But thanks to the hygienic skirting board, it prevents the formation of bacteria even in the most inaccessible places and can be easily cleaned thanks to its radial form. In addition, our coved skirtings do not contain glass fiber. This reveals that they are 100% food-grade wall panels. Coved skirtings are used in the health sector apart from the food sector and are known as Antimicrobial Skirtings in this field. It is used in all areas that require a high level of hygiene processes.

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5 Reasons to Choose Coved Skirting

1. It is a complementary product for Chemical Resistance Flooring and Acid Proof Flooring

Our Coved Skirting products are resistant to chemicals and acids. You can use the strictest cleaning products during cleaning. Resistant to acids in battery rooms, acids, and chemicals in meat processing plants. In short, all the difficult conditions have been thought out, tested, and finally, the perfect Coved Skirting product has been developed.

coved skirting2. Smooth Surface Coved Skirting

Our Coved Skirting products are products with a smooth surface. Thus, no bacteria can hold on to it, and, as a result, they cannot reproduce.

3. Antimicrobial Skirting Board: Can Be Used For Healthcare Industry. The other name of our product known in the health sector is Antimicrobial Skirting Board. Since our product is hygienic, it can be used in hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. Its surface is 100% Antimicrobial, which does not allow the growth of dirt and micro-organisms.

4. Its Suitability for Food Contact Has Been Tested

Our Coved Skirting products are made of polymer material with Migration Test Certificate (Compliance with Food Contact Test). Therefore, it can be used safely in all areas where food is produced, served, and consumed. The fact that our product does not contain glass fiber is among the most important works of our R&D department.

5.  Aesthetic Look

Coved Skirting has an aesthetic and remarkable appearance. It will be the most striking area in your facility. Due to EHEDG compliance, you will handle critical hygiene processes in Europe and worldwide.

coved skirtingIf You Do Food Business, Avoid Bacteria

Hygiene is a must in the food industry. Our Coved skirtings, which are complementary products of food processing flooring, will prevent the formation of bacteria in the areas where food production is made, and will allow you to take measures to ensure all hygiene conditions. Coved skirting is a product that helps to prevent the formation of bacteria in these areas.

A Great Wall Protection Product: Coved Skirting

In the production and storage process on industrial flooring, manufacturers use multi-storey and high transportation vehicles during the transportation of products. When the vehicles used to bring and distribute the products hit the walls and columns, the paint may be peeled off in these areas, or there may be breakage due to impacts. However, Coved skirting protects walls and columns against all impacts with its solid structure. Our Coved Skirting products will be an excellent solution for wall protection from forklifts.

You can choose Coved Skirtings to ensure hygiene at the bottom of walls and panels in areas that require uninterrupted hygiene. In areas where cleaning applications are difficult, such as food production facilities, pharmaceutical factories, and the chemical industry, panel protectors provide easy cleaning and minimize the formation of bacteria and harmful microorganisms. Our Coved Skirting products fully meet the strictest EHEDG hygiene requirements.

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Coved Skirting prices vary according to factors such as the model of the product, its height, and the width of the area to be used. These products, which have great ease of maintenance compared to other skirting boards in the applied areas, are produced in models with different needs. We also offer different product options for ensuring hygiene and achieving an aesthetic appearance in the facilities.

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