EHEDG, which stands for “European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group,” is a non-profit, non-governmental organization founded in 1989. Its main purpose is to pioneer developing hygienic engineering designs for every stage of food production, to support everyone worldwide to reach safe food. EHEDG consists of food manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, food industry suppliers, research institutes, universities, public health authorities, and government agencies; It is an institution operating in 40 countries and registered as a foundation in the Netherlands.

Within the scope of the European General Food Legislation (“General Food Law,” Regulation (EC) No 178/2002) and its applications, measures related to the safe production, storage, and distribution of food have been defined. However, technical inadequacies during their implementation reduce their effectiveness. EHEDG steps in at this stage, guiding and advising the development of technological infrastructure to produce the following food safety. The essential requirement to ensure hygiene is to clean the facilities, devices, and installations. For this purpose, EHEDG has developed tests on the cleanability of the devices and issues EHEDG certificates valid for five years and all over the world, as they deem appropriate due to the examinations carried out in the authorized laboratory. Can follow certificate validity on the website.

EHEDG organizes training in each country’s language with the help of local organizations for disseminating hygienic design knowledge; also, agenda is created with congresses and meetings. As a result of its cooperation with GFSI (“Global Food Safety Initiative,” Global Food Safety Initiative), issues related to hygienic design have begun to be examined in more detail during the audits of food safety quality certificates.

Vibroser is a member of EHEDG.

Vibroser has been accepted as a member of EHEDG and has dedicated itself to endeavor to adopt the hygienic design. It continuously develops its products and services in this context.

Vibroser offers its products to the food industry’s service to establish a clean facility; evaluates each application specifically. In this context, it continues its R&D studies with a focus on product and process development.

Vibroser, a member of EHEDG, is your solution partner that offers effective solutions in meeting the hygienic standards of the facilities.


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