Hygienic Panels For Cold Storage And Factories

Hygienic Panels For Cold Storage And Factories
Vibroser hygienic panels

Hygienic panels prevent bacterial growth in inaccessible places. Panel protectors provide easy cleaning of walls and panel bottoms that have problems in providing hygiene. It is resistant to a wide variety of chemicals, acids, and impacts. It leaves a smooth and easy-to-clean surface on the applied areas. Wall bottoms and edges, panel bottoms are generally the areas most susceptible to bacterial growth. These areas may also be overlooked during cleaning and may not be adequately disinfected. For this reason, it is very difficult to maintain hygiene in walls and corners. The manufacturer can use a hygienic kerb or otherwise known as a hygienic panel, as a solution to all these problems.

Hygienic Kerbs have a radius form. Thanks to this structure, even in the most inaccessible places, hygiene is provided, and the cleaning process is carried out easily. It also protects the panel bottoms and wall bottoms from impacts. In this respect, they provide both cleaning and protection. It is an effective solution to fulfill high standards of hygiene processes.

Vibroser hygienic panels

Usage Areas of Hygienic Panels

The use of hygienic panels provides effective hygiene impact protection. The manufacturers use it in many areas due to its advantages. One of the most used areas is the facilities where food production is carried out. The hygiene factor is of great importance in these facilities. Therefore, the use of panel protectors and borders is important. It is used to prevent the growth and shelter of all kinds of bacteria that will harm food. Panel protectors are widely preferred in food industries due to their advantages.

  • Scope of application;
  • Storage and sales areas, especially the food sector
  • Automotive industry,
  • Bakery, patisserie,
  • Supermarkets,
  • In all kinds of health and pharmaceutical industries such as hospitals
  • In shopping malls,
  • Also in cosmetic industries.

What Do Hygienic Panels Do?

Hygienic panels provide benefits in many points in terms of hygiene because of their antibacterial. It also has an aesthetic appearance. It is a very advantageous product in terms of both hygiene and aesthetic appearance. Vibroser’s Hygenic panels prevent accumulating invisible creatures on the walls because they stopped the creatures’ contact with this area. In this way, it protects the bacteria from any negative situation that will create

In addition to hygiene impact protection, it also provides physical protection in the areas where you use it. Thanks to the panel protectors’ structure durable from impacts, you can protect walls and corners from impacts. It provides superior protection against impacts. Due to crashes, the producer can damage walls in production and storage areas. Various negative situations such as cracks and removal of paints can occur.
Hygenic kerb very durable to impacts; they protect areas where the client applied them.

The acid and chemicals contact can damage the walls’ areas. Panel protectors also protect the walls and columns from damage in these cases. In other words, hygienic panels protect the environment where you apply them.

Vibroser hygienic panel protector

What are the Features of Hygienic Panels?

The most important feature of hygienic panels is that they provide hygiene in their area. Vibroser’s panel protectors have a radius structure. Thanks to these features, it helps clean the areas where they are located much more easily and prevents bacteria. It also prevents corrosion when used in industrial areas. Hygenic panels make the cleaning process much more manageable in areas where the client applied them. Thanks to hygienic panels, the producers can prevent walls and columns from contact with invisible creatures.

Hygienic panel protectors prevent bacterial growth in the environment where the manufacturer applies them. As a result, it offers effective solutions for facilities to meet high hygiene standards. At the same time, the features of the panels come to the fore in terms of aesthetics. Its remarkable structure provides a very aesthetically pleasing appearance to the places where they are located. There are varieties such as flexible corner protection and shock absorber. You can choose from these various models according to your facility’s characteristics and usage purposes.

Prices of Hygienic Panels

Hygienic panels’ prices vary according to the usage areas and the facility’s needs. The panels’ prices may vary depending on factors such as models and heights. Hygienic kerbs applications are made following the needs of the facilities.

To protect the corners in the facilities’ storage and production areas, corner guards should be preferred.
One of the first reasons affecting the pricing directly is the corners where you will apply the panels and the product variety. At the same time, Vibroser produces solutions for the facility’s needs and demands.