In Which Facilities Is Porcelain Tile Used?

In Which Facilities Is Porcelain Tile Used?
Vibroser antibacterial porcelain tile

Porcelain tile; all sectors requiring high hygiene standards use it, especially in the food industry. A porcelain tile surface is a preferred flooring application with its hygienic properties and durability features. Vibroser is producing resistant porcelain tiles in various sizes and aesthetic appearances. According to the demand and experience, the facilities can prefer tiles with varying features. Because of its hygiene compared to other building materials, resistance to various chemicals, and heavy impacts, manufacturers mostly prefer Porcelain tile floor covering. Aesthetically, it also performs above all expectations.

Vibroser anti acid porcelain tile

Usage areas of porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles, also known as food ceramics, are used in various industrial areas. Usage areas;

  • Food production facilities,
  • Meat plants are one of the main usage areas.
  • Food and beverage factories,
  • Health sector (hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities)
  • Chemical industry
  • Textile sector

Due to its liquid-resistant structures, milk and dairy factories also frequently prefer it. Various beverage factories, such as water factories, also prefer porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles with hygienic properties are preferred not only in beverage factories but also in various food production factories. Anti-acid porcelain tile applications are preferred in all kinds of food and beverage factories such as frozen food factories, canned food factories, meat processing factories, snack product factories. Hygiene is one of the important conditions in industrial food and beverage channels. Floor hygiene is also of great importance in keeping these areas hygienic. Thanks to its easy-to-clean properties, the anti-acid tile helps to maintain the required health standards.

Vibroser Porcelain tile

What are the advantages of porcelain tile?

Porcelain tiles, also known as industrial tiles, are often preferred with many advantages they provide. The reasons why manufacturers prefer it so much are undoubtedly its advantages. It is one of the most popular floor coverings with its cost and quality features. It contains high resistance to chemicals and has anti-acid properties. The material stands out with its high durability against concrete and other ground types. It shows high resistance to acids and various oils.

Therefore, it is long-lasting. It is also resistant to changing temperature and weather conditions when used on exterior surfaces. Thanks to its non-slip feature, it also prevents occupational safety hazards. It is a design-oriented product. Vibroser produced a wide variety of sizes and colors. With many options, we can make applications for the facilities’ needs. The floor covering model, which stands out with its environmentally friendly features, is also economical as it can be used for many years.

Vibroser anti acid porcelain tile

What materials is the tile made?

There are two different types of tiles, ceramic and porcelain. Antacid ceramic; manufacturers can prefer wall tiles, floor tiles, and bathroom tiles. We produce a wide variety of different designs and colors. You can choose different models and sizes according to your needs and decorations. Facilities frequently prefer it due to its high protection and resistance against abrasion and chemical substances. It interacts much less with variable substances due to its firing at high temperatures and provides long-lasting use.,


Anti-acid porcelain tile’s producing material is porcelain raw material. Clients often prefer porcelain materials due to their high protection and durability against water, impact, negative factors. It is one of the most popular tile types, thanks to its strength and durability compared to other floor coverings and its properties client can use for many years. Thanks to its chemical-resistant properties, producers prefer it in a wide variety of industrial productions.  Because we produce tiles in different aesthetic appearances, people can easily discover the productions suitable for their aesthetic tastes and realize their preferences. As a result, they are effective floor solutions for the needs of your porcelain tile flooring facility.