Industrial Tile and Wall Applications in Europe

Industrial Tile and Wall Applications in Europe
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Industrial tile and wall applications in Europe. Today, a wide variety of products are preferred for floor covering. A wide variety of flooring products are available, such as hexagonal floors, mosaic floors, industrial tile floors. The industrial tile that we produce in the best quality is in great demand by many countries. Our company has different types and features of tiles. Best industrial tile applications.

What is an industrial tile?

Industrial tiles are floor coverings suitable for high standards of hygiene processes in production, storage, and sales. This is the most suitable material, especially for facilities where antibacterial areas are important, such as food facilities. Industrial tiles have many advantages, such as being easy to clean and antibacterial properties. We can list its main features as follows.

  • Non-slip and non-abrasive thanks to its matte surface,
  • It is not affected by chemicals, oils, and acids,
  • Resistant to high temperatures,
  • Resistant to heavy substances and intensive use,
  • It has higher strength compared to concrete,
  • Due to its density, it does not produce bacteria, does not hold dirt,
  • It is easy to clean and does not need routine maintenance,
  • Since we produce it using natural materials, it does not change color,
  • It is long-lasting,
  • It is environmentally friendly.

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Is industrial tile durable?

We produce industrial tile from porcelain material and fired it at high temperatures. In this way, stable compounds are formed and do not interact with their environment. Therefore, industrial tiles are not subject to dissolution or any change. This is where their high durability comes from. It is extremely durable as a result of the reactions and changes that occur during baking. This is one of the most important features distinguishing it from other materials.

Anti-acid porcelain tiles are also available. Facilities use porcelain tiles as coatings on floors and walls. They have a high degree of hardness. However, they are highly resistant to impacts. They are also quite resistant to light shocks. Porcelain is a material suitable for use in many areas. Facilities also frequently prefer it in floor and wall coverings. Manufacturers prefer to have longer-lasting walls and floors. Clients highly prefer porcelain floor tiles because they are non-porous. According to the needs and the desired aesthetic appearance, our company carries out its productions. Tiles produced with different techniques and features have high durability. They perform above all expectations in terms of both quality and aesthetics.

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What are the industrial tile features?

We produce tiles in many different models and patterns. Our company carefully produces tile types with every aesthetically desired feature for you. Its materials are suitable and resistant to many weather conditions. Our produced tile types offer you a high-quality guarantee.

The use of hygienic industrial tiles is important in terms of cleaning. Hexagonal tiles come to the fore with their hygiene features. It is one of the main factors that determine the quality of the place. Hexagonal tiles, which you will prefer in industrial areas, are the tiles that are most compatible with hygiene conditions. It will be the right choice, especially in the food production sector. Tiles, which have durability equivalent to the life span of the buildings, are both very economical and very hygienic. It will appeal to the eye with its aesthetic features for many years and will maintain its durability and robustness as on the first day. Our production continues for all commercial areas.

Where is industrial tile used?

Facilities primarily prefer industrial hexagonal tiles for floor coverings. Hygienic floors are important for industrial ducts. It is essential to prefer hygienic floors in channels where hygiene is highly important. Usage areas;

  • Firstly, in all areas where smooth surfaces and non-slip surfaces should be created,
  • Secondly, at the transition points from the ground to the ground,
  • Thirdly, indifferent material transitions,
  • Fourthly, under the doors in rooms with plus-minus temperature values,

Regardless of indoor and outdoor spaces, clients frequently prefer them in various regions regarding their durability and aesthetic properties. The tiles perform above all expectations in terms of aesthetics and hygiene features. Being highly resistant to a wide variety of external factors brings along longevity. For this reason, manufacturers will continue to prefer tiles day by day.

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Where are antacid industrial tiles used?

Antacid industrial tiles, especially in the food sector;

  • Meat and dairy facilities,
  • Fisheries,
  • Bakeries, patisseries,
  • Food manufacturing,
  • Vegetable and animal oil production factories,
  • In production facilities in the automotive sector,
  • Vehicle services and showrooms,
  • The textile sector,
  • The chemical industry,
  • The cosmetics sector,
  • Shopping malls, supermarkets, and DIY stores,
  • Hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical factories, drug warehouses in the health sector,
  • At bus terminals, metro stations, and airports in the transportation sector,
  • In power plants,
  • The tourism sector

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Hexagonal tile preferences in Europe

Hexagonal tiles, which are produced in high quality, are in great demand and preferred not only in our country but also abroad. The hexagonal tiles we produce in Europe are preferred to be used in many different countries and different areas. Our production continues for many countries. Our company sells hexagonal tiles to various countries such as Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal.