Hygienic Baseboard Panel Protectors

Hygienic Baseboard Panel Protectors

Hygienic Baseboard Panel Protectors

Hygienic Baseboard Panel Protectors; It is a smooth surface product used in wall, column, and panel bottoms, resistant to chemicals and acids. In industrial work areas, walls, columns, and panel bottoms are the areas where the bacterial formation is most intense. Since these areas can often be overlooked during cleaning, problems occur in providing hygiene. However, thanks to the hygienic baseboards, it prevents bacteria’s formation even in the most inaccessible places, and it is easily cleaned thanks to its radius form.

Hygienic baseboard panel protectors also protect walls and panel bottoms against impacts. Especially in food production facilities, hygiene panel protectors are used extensively to create an anti-bacterial environment and prevent bacteria’s growth and shelter that can harm food.

Hygienic baseboards in many areas, from the food sector to the health sector, help create a hygienic, clean, and stylish air in minimal details. It prevents objects from contacting the ground area and creatures that we cannot see with the eye from accumulating in this area or coming into contact with the wall. These products are support elements that also protect walls and panels against corrosion.

Polymer Material of antimicrobial nature, which does not allow the production of dirt and microorganisms on the surface, with the Migration Test Certificate (Food Theme Conformity Test) (Product does not contain Glass Fiber for Food Safety.)

Hygienic Plinths Usage Areas

Hygienic Plinths, also known as antimicrobial baseboards, are used in areas requiring high hygiene processes. In areas where food production is carried out, measures should be taken to prevent bacteria formation and ensure all hygiene conditions. Industrial Skirting Boards are products that help prevent the formation of bacteria in these areas.

In high hygiene sectors such as food and health, cold rooms with storage space also use special baseboard panel protectors to highlight quality and hygiene. Industrial Skirting Boards are the most suitable solutions for the hygienic environment in all cold product processing and storage areas;

  • Food, meat, milk, fish production facilities,
  • The automotive manufacturing plant, vehicle service, and showrooms serving different sectors,
  • Bakeries, bakeries, and cafes,
  • Plant and animal fat production areas,
  • Textile, chemical and cosmetics sector,
  • Shopping malls, supermarkets, and building market sales areas,
  • They are used in many areas such as hospitals, laboratories,
  • Pharmaceutical factories and pharmaceutical warehouses.

What Are Hygienic Skirting Boards For?

Cleaning materials used in hygiene facilities, preferred equipment, and all additional support products must be specially selected. Hygienic Skirting Boards protect the sections between panels, walls, and columns in the areas where they are applied. These products are not affected by impacts in the areas used and provide superior protection against impacts.

In many parts of the industry, multi-story and high vehicles are used during the transportation of products in areas where production and storage are carried out. When the vehicles used in bringing and distributing products hit walls and columns, paints can be removed in these areas, or fractures may occur due to impacts. However, hygienic skirtings protect walls and columns against all impacts with their robust structure.

Acids and chemicals are also used during the production phase in some of the facilities requiring high hygiene. Acids and chemicals can damage walls and panels. These products, which are also known as anti-acid baseboards, protect against acids and chemicals. Also, the baseboard systems used in the production of acrylic material have a smooth surface.

Panel protectors designed in a flexible structure reduce the violence in the event of an impact and protect the walls and corners. Impacts will not damage your valuable equipment that you use in your facilities. Thanks to the hygienic baseboard panel protectors you choose for your needs, you can protect both your walls and equipment from the negative effects of impacts.

Technical Specifications of Panel Protectors

Hygienic baseboard panel protectors have radius form. This form allows easy cleaning of the regions in which it is used. Thus, it minimizes the formation of bacteria in areas where it should have a hygienic environment. It also provides superior protection against corrosion in industrial areas.

Hygiene panel protectors are designed in invisible colors. Thus, it also has the task of “Warning Tape” in the regions where it is located. Protectors are manufactured as coating top and coating front according to your needs. Coating front panel protector models are produced at an altitude of 165 mm. These products, which are preferred in facilities where more cleanliness and hygiene should be provided, add an aesthetic feel to space with their form and remarkable color.

Besides the overlay and coating front models, you can also find flexible hygienic skirtings for your different needs. Our products include 50 cm long Flexible Wall Protection EDK 50, Flexible Corner Protection EKK 50 and EKK100 used in wall and panel corners, and EKK 50-R models with Flexible Corner Protection Radius, which can also be applied on hygienic baseboard panels thanks to radius inner corner in-wall and panel corners.

If the area where the panel baseboards are used is multi-layered and high-carrying vehicles, you can also buy the KUDK 1500, which has a height of 150 cm, to protect against impacts at higher points.

If you want protection against impacts on walls, panels, and corners in industrial facilities and facilities that require a high level of hygiene, you can choose from our shock-absorbing skirting models. In addition to its shock-absorbing properties, these products also help you create a hygienic environment in the areas where it is used. Bacterial formations in industrial production facilities are among the most common problems. Protective products designed as anti-microbial baseboard products minimize bacterial formation.

Cleaning services may also be disrupted at the large facilities. Cleaning wall bottoms and panel bottoms can be difficult for cleaning staff in facilities that should have a hygienic license. Hygienic baseboard panel protectors are manufactured in an easy-to-clean structure against cleaning difficulty.

Baseboard Panel Protectors Prices

Prices of hygienic baseboard panel protectors; the product’s model varies according to the elements such as height, the width of the area to be used. These products, which have great ease of maintenance than other baseboard companies in the areas where they are applied, are produced in models with different needs. We offer different product options for those who want to provide hygiene on their premises and achieve an aesthetic appearance.

Hygienic baseboard models, also known as corner protection elements, offer effective solutions according to alternatives in the face of bacteria, dust, and dirt in-wall and panel corners. You can easily avoid the negativity caused by the corner areas’ blows thanks to these products. You can take precautions with corner protectors to protect corner areas from impacts by heavy transport used in storage areas or production facilities.

You can use hygienic skirting panel protectors to ensure hygiene at wall and panel bottoms in areas requiring uninterrupted hygiene. In addition to the easy cleaning feature provided by panel protectors in areas such as food production facilities, pharmaceutical factories, and chemical industries with large areas where cleaning applications are difficult, it also minimizes the formation of bacteria and harmful microorganisms.

When choosing hygienic skirting panel protectors, first of all, exploration should be made in the area you will use. You can choose between different models depending on the height of the equipment you use in the facilities, walls, structures, and panels. Hygiene panel protectors made from environmentally friendly materials; provide effective and permanent solutions for every need.

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