Hygienic Bollards

Hygienic Bollards

Hygienic Bollards

Hygienic Bollards are the products that provide effective protection against impacts in many areas such as doors, walls, or columns. The impacts of heavy transport equipment on door crossings, especially in industrial areas, can damage the doors. Besides the door entrances, walls or columns can also be damaged by impacts. Protective Bollards, with their mountable structure, eliminate wear that can occur at the moment of a blow.

In addition to the precautions taken on the floors during the transportation of products in storage areas and production areas, precautions should be taken against impacts on the corners and doors. Hygiene is essential in the food industry and industrial facilities. Protective products to be used against impacts should also be of a structure to ensure hygiene.

It provides superior protection against the impacts of forklifts, transpallets, and other transports in the area where hygienic bollards are located. The products are manufactured for different purposes. Bollards are designed to be mounted on the floor. To install the products on the floor, the necessary filling concrete also emerges. You can easily start using bollards by assembling them.

What Are the Types of Hygienic Bollards?

Hygienic bollards are produced in two different models: acrylic protective bollard and stainless protective bollard. The types of these products are as follows;

Hygienic Acrylic Protective Bollards

Hygienic acrylic protective bollards used as protective bollards provide superior protection against all impacts and impacts on doors, walls, and columns. These products have a color that can be easily noticed in the area where they are located. The bacterial formation is also minimized in products with acrylic surface and radius form.

You can easily clean hygienic acrylic bollards. Also, this product has a steel pipe and a screw system. M24 is a resin-based product. It can be easily applied because of the mounting mortar. The bollards are filled with a metal pipe and Visco filling concrete, which can be mounted on the floor and mounted on the floor. The acrylic pontoon’s thickness on the surface is 10 mm, and the height of the protective pontoon from the floor is 90 cm.

Hygienic acrylic pontoon steel pipe can be installed very firmly on the floor thanks to its screw system and resin-based mortar. Protective Bollards can protect all desired areas of the door, panel, wall, and facility from impacts. They provide superior safety against strong impacts and impacts of forklifts, pallet trucks, and other transport vehicles used in industrial facilities. Acrylic protective bollards do not contain glass fibers to ensure food safety.

Hygienic Stainless Protective Bollards

If you want a rust-resistant protector, you can use stainless hygienic bollards. This product provides superior protection against impacts on doors and walls. Visco is made of 2 mm AISI 304 or 316 Grade Stainless material filled with concrete. The radius form minimizes the formation of bacteria in the pontoon. So it is straightforward to maintain hygiene on it. You can easily clean the product.

Hygienic stainless bollards have a screw system. It can also be applied to the floor with m24 resin-based mounting mortar. In these products, you can find a screw system and Visco filling concrete so that you can mount it on the floor. According to the need, hygienic stainless bollards are produced in models of different heights, 50 cm, 75 cm, and 100 cm.
Hygienic stainless protective bollards are the right choice for those who want long-term use. These products are long-lasting with a stainless surface and have high strength against all impacts. If you want a pontoon with an aesthetic structure suitable for industrial facilities, you can choose stainless hygienic bollards.

Hygienic Bollard Usage Areas

Hygienic bollards can be used in any desired area in a facility, especially in areas such as walls and panel doors. The main function of these products is to protect against the strong impacts of various vehicles and equipment in the area in which they are used. These products, which can be mounted on the ground, also minimize bacteria’s formation in structure.
The uses of bollards are as follows;

  • Plant and animal fat production areas,
  • Fish production facilities,
  • Bakery, cafe, patisserie, restaurant kitchens,
  • Milk and dairy products and meat and meat products production facilities,
  • The dining hall, food production facilities,
  • Beverage production facilities,
  • Areas where doors and shopping cars stop in shopping malls and grocery stores,
  • Hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical production facilities,
  • Textile and leather factories,
  • Chemical production facilities,
  • Facilities operating in the cosmetics and chemical sector,
  • Power plants,
  • Parking, storage areas,
  • It can be used in airports, metro stations, bus stops, and bus stations.

Hygienic protective pontoon varieties can be used both outdoors and indoors. These ground-mounted products are also resistant to external factors.

What Are the Advantages of Using Hygienic Bollards?

Bollards are products that protect the areas where they are used.
Hygienic bollards have many advantages;

It can be used as a hygienic protection element, especially in facilities operating in the food industry. Bacterial formation on these products is minimal. Also, its easy-to-clean structure ensures hygiene protection.

Heavy-load transport vehicles and equipment are used when using products in industrial facilities. These products can be damaged when they hit floors, doors, walls, and panels. Protection equipment may be preferred to keep floors and other areas from being damaged. Hygienic bollards provide superior protection against impacts in areas where they are used.

  • The bollards are designed to be mounted on the ground. This increases its durability.
  • crew system and Visco filling concrete come out of the product. In this way, the installation of the product on the ground is efficient and simple.
  • If you want to achieve an aesthetic appearance with hygiene in protection equipment, you can choose these products.
  • You can choose bollards with acrylic and stainless properties according to your needs.
  • They are the products that you can use to protect against heavy impacts and impacts.

Hygienic Bollards Prices

The prices of hygienic bollards vary according to the model of the product. Our products include hygienic stainless protective pontoon and hygienic acrylic protective pontoon. Among these products, you can purchase the one that suits your intended use. Both products ensure that areas such as walls, panels, forklifts, and other transport vehicles are protected against impacts.

Bollards have a wide range of uses. It can also prevent some crossings in shopping malls, to prevent the exit of shopping cars. These bollards can also be placed in areas where vehicles are not allowed in parking lots. However, these products are preferred in industrial facilities serving different food and health sectors with their hygienic and bacterial structure.

Products are effortless to implement. You can use the screw system that comes out of it when it is mounted on the ground. Thanks to this system, both the protected area and the pontoon will not be damaged in the moment of impact. You can also install visco filling concrete on the floor in a short time. Hygienic bollards provide superior protection with their aesthetic appearance.

Your preferred bollards can create a stylish environment while protecting areas such as walls, panels, and front doors from impacts. Bollards can also be used outdoors, so they are also manufactured to withstand products such as rain, snow, and water. They are versatile products that can be used to perform their function for many years while protecting the area in which they are applied.