Hygienic Panel Protector Kerbs

Hygienic Panel Protector Kerbs

Hygienic Panel Protector Kerbs

Hygienic panel protector kerbs; products used to minimize bacterial formation, especially in industrial facilities and areas requiring high hygiene standards. It is essential to prevent the formation of bacteria in facilities that require hygiene conditions. However, wall and panel corners are the most available areas for bacterial formation. These protective products have a migration test certificate to minimize bacteria formation at wall and panel bottoms in all areas requiring hygiene standards.

The panel, wall bottom, or corner areas are the areas that are most overlooked during cleaning. Dust and bacteria that have recovered in hard-to-reach parts of these regions can create great pollution over time. It isn’t easy to maintain hygiene in corner areas. Both cleaners and managers, who oversee cleaning, may find it difficult to focus on these areas. Applying Hygienic kerb panel protectors to these areas can minimize bacteria’s formation even in the most inaccessible areas.

Corrosion can be seen wherever there is moist air, dirty surfaces, and a chemical environment. Panel protectors also protect the areas where they are used against corrosion. Also, it allows cleaning equipment to reach corners that are difficult to reach during cleaning.

In industrial facilities, chemical and acid materials can damage floors and walls. Border panel protectors have a smooth surface and have high resistance to chemicals and acid.

Usage Areas of Hygienic Border Panel Protectors

Hygienic kerbs panel protectors are generally used in food production facilities, industrial facilities, and facilities requiring a high hygienic environment. The uses of these products can be listed as follows;

  • Bakery, deli, café, and restaurants
  • Fish production facilities, Meat, and dairy production plant, slaughterhouse and butchers, Dining -Hall, bulk food production facilities,
  • Vegetable, animal, and chemical oil production facilities
  • Automotive production facilities, vehicle services, and showrooms in different sectors.
  • Textile, cosmetics,
  • Chemical industry and chemical facilities,
  • Shopping malls, markets, supermarkets, building markets,
  • Such as pharmaceutical warehouse these products are used in areas operating in the health sector such as pharmaceutical factory, pharmaceutical warehouse, hospital, laboratory, medical center,
  • Petrochemical industry,
  • Terminal, metro, tramway, the airport where people move collectively

Germs are among the biggest enemies in high hygiene facilities and many areas operating in the food industry. These products, also known as antimicrobial protection, are used in areas where bacterial formation should not be allowed. You can eliminate the formation of bacteria in facilities that require hygiene. Stainless border applications can also be produced with iron equipment if needed.

What Are Panel Protector Kerbs For?

A hygienic border panel is a product that offers effective solutions in all facilities requiring protective hygiene. These products are produced in different heights according to the needs. Cleaning is one of the biggest problems in production facilities with large areas and facilities requiring high hygiene. Although many facilities take professional cleaning measures, it can be challenging to ensure hygiene at the bottom of the walls and panels. Although many facilities take professional cleaning measures, it can be challenging to ensure hygiene at the bottom of the walls and panels. Known as stainless panel protectors, these products are easy to clean. The wall and panel bottoms, which are the most difficult for cleaning staff to reach, are easily accessible, and hygiene can be achieved without strain.

It is difficult to prevent bacteria formation in areas where walls and panels are difficult to reach, in facilities requiring hygiene. The stainless hygienic border minimizes bacteria’s formation as it provides hygiene in the bottom areas, which is the most suitable area for the growth of bacteria. These products are antimicrobial regarding production material and structure. Panel protectors are designed to contain no glass fibers for food production safety, in food production facilities.

In food production facilities, large transportation equipment is used when transporting materials in many areas such as chemical, textile, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries. This equipment hits the edges of panels, walls, and columns during the personnel’s transport process. Panels, walls, and columns wear out with light, medium, and heavy impacts. Hygienic panel protector kerbs protect against light, medium, and heavy impacts from heavy equipment. This means that you can protect your walls and equipment that you do not want to be damaged by a small measure, you take in your facilities.

Walls, panels, floors, and columns in industrial facilities containing chemicals and acids, together with sectors such as chemicals, petrochemicals, and leather, wear out in a short period of time due to acids and chemicals. The surfaces of hygienic curbs, which serve as corner protection, are resistant to acids and chemicals. In other cases, walls, floors, columns, and panels are exposed to chemicals and acids, but they are not damaged.

Technical Specifications of Hygienic Panel Protector kerbs

Hygienic panel protector kerbs have a radius form. In this way, it minimizes the reproduction rate of bacteria because it can be easily cleaned.

Also, these products have an easy-to-see color. With this feature, it can also serve as a “Warning Tape.” It also provides superior protection against corrosion in areas requiring hygiene.

Hygienic border panel protection is produced with a coating top or front of the coating. You can buy it in any style according to your needs. The long durability and ease of maintenance of the products provide permanent solutions.

Hygienic border coating models are produced in 30 cm and 40 cm heights for different needs. You can also find products with heights of 305 cm and 405 cm in models with hygienic border coating.

Hygienic border panel protectors are different from hygienic skirting panel protectors, and their bodies are thicker. In this way, hygienic curb protectors can show high strength against heavier loads and impacts.

Hygienic curbs are recommended if heavy loads are carried in the facilities where the application will be carried or equipment to carry out heavier impacts. These protectors can also be produced with stainless surfaces.

Hygienic border stainless panel protectors; with its rust-resistant structure, it has the task of protecting panels, walls, and columns in all areas requiring hygiene. These products, which prevent bacteria formation by easy cleaning, also have different models preferred in border protectors. Hygienic border panel protectors are manufactured in different heights and thicknesses depending on the area of use, the need. You can easily find the models you need across our wide range of products.

Hygienic Border Panel Protective Prices

Hygienic border panel protective prices; depending on the thickness of the products, the height of the products, the model, the structure, and the width of the area to be used. These products, which are much more durable than hygienic skirting panel protectors in their preferred areas, are hygienic and stand out with their aesthetic appearance.

In addition to providing hygiene, products that serve as stainless panel protectors can also be used against situations such as bacteria formation, dust, and dirt accumulation in the corners of walls, panels, and columns. It also provides high protection against the impacts of high-heavy products and equipment on walls, panels, and columns.

In high hygiene facilities and industrial facilities, you can use hygienic curbs to facilitate cleaning personnel’s work to maintain a hygienic environment. You can choose from hygienic border panel protector models according to the plant’s width, characteristics, and needs to which this product will be applied.