Silicone Adhesive and Joint Sealants

Silicone Adhesive and Joint Sealants

Silicone Adhesive and Joint Sealants

Silicone adhesive and joint sealants are special products used to fill the gap between the two materials. These products can be used in hygiene skirting, hygiene kerbs, ceramics, tiles, marble, or granite. It is a special filling material used in kitchens, bathrooms, or areas where hygiene should be provided. It is a construction material that offers effective solutions for those who want to create an aesthetic visual space in a space.

Improves the quality of the area in which it is used and eliminates visual negativity. When applied professionally, it is a material that adds value to the area and structure it is in. This product, which is most commonly used in ceramic tiles, can be applied on walls and floors. After construction, glue and joint sealant fill the gaps between the wall stone or bricks.

Silicone adhesive and joint sealant are designed to suit different needs. It can also be used to fill the cracks and wear and tear that will occur depending on the time on the ground on which it is used. It can also prevent climate conditions or impacts or time-related wear and tear.

Silicone Adhesive and Joint Sealant Types

Silicone adhesive and joint sealants are manufactured for different uses and needs. You can find joint sealant types among our products to provide you with effective solutions that suit your needs.

Cleanroom C67 – Clean Room Joint Sealant

This product is manufactured for use in hygienic areas. It is generally preferred in hospitals, drug stores, laboratories, food sector areas, and facilities. Hygienic space can be used wherever it needs to be provided. It can be preferred as a sealing connection in the area where it is used. It is a product with permanent elasticity. It is a single component neutral product. It creates an anti-microbial and antibacterial area where it is used. This product, which is extremely effective in ensuring hygiene, is a joint sealant with an ISEGA certificate.

Vibroser H70 – Ms. Polymer Adhesive And Joint Sealant

It is used for the adhesion of metal and plastic materials, such as hygienic panel protectors in joints where the floor is widened. The hybrid polymer is a joint sealant that provides high strength on the ground where it is used. It is one of the types of adhesive and joint sealant with the ISEGA certificate.

Vibroser S67 – Neutral Silicone Joint Sealant

A hygienic panel is used as a sealing connection between the protector and different materials. It does not leak between the floors where it is applied for many years. It is a joint sealant with permanent elasticity. It is a single component antibacterial neutral silicone sealant. ISEGA certificate.

Vibroser S300 – Neutral Silicone 3000c Joint Sealant

It is designed to be used among materials that should have high heat resistance. It creates a sealing connection between heat-applied materials up to 3000 degrees. It can be used for a long period of time up to high grades without leaking. It is a single-component silicone joint sealant with permanent elasticity. It is an effective sealant in industrial sectors with high temperatures.

Silicone Adhesive and Joint Sealant Usage Areas

Silicone adhesive and joint sealants can be used in homes, offices, industrial, and many sectors. Joint sealant models with different properties can be preferred for all kinds of needs. Hygiene can be used on many wet volume surfaces such as skirting board, hygiene curb, tiles, granite, marble. It is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Vibroser silicone adhesives are generally preferred in industrial facilities. Businesses operating in food are suitable products for health, pharmaceutical, textile and leather, automotive, cafes, bakery, cold rooms, kitchens, and many other places. They are sealant products that create a smooth and aesthetic appearance in the joint ranges it fills.

How to Apply Joint Sealant and Silicone Adhesive?

Our products are waterproof on the applied surface. It is resistant to cracking or abrasion for many years. It is resistant to wear even in indoor and outdoor areas where heavy loads are carried. It creates a smooth surface in the area of use. It is convenient to apply.
The application should be carried out on a clean floor. Therefore, the surface needs to be cleaned from dirt, particles, cement residues, oil, and grease. After cleaning, the surface should be thoroughly dry. Before application, all unwanted substances on the surface are taken and cleaned with appropriate methods, cases that prevent adhesion are removed from the joints. You can clean the surface before application by moisturizing it with a wet sponge.

During application, it can spread to the surface with the help of a hand trowel. If the joint ranges are filled with diagonal motion, a more effective adhesion can be achieved. You can get more material on the surface by stripping it after application. After a joint filling application, you can clean the surface with the help of a damp sponge when the material hardens to withstand your finger pressure. Do not forget to clean the surface with a dry cloth even after the surface has dried.

When applying silicone adhesives and joint sealants, you can clean all the tools and equipment you use by washing them with the help of clean water without hardening. If the material hardens, you can clean it mechanically. Professionally applied silicone joint sealants create an aesthetic appearance. It is also a product that will provide high durability for many years after successful applications.

What Should Be Considered When Using Adhesive and Joint Sealant?

When using silicone adhesives, there are some elements to watch out for the perfect application. After application, the material should be fully hardened at the appropriate temperatures. Hardening is slower if it is performed at shallow temperatures. Also, very high temperatures accelerate hardening. The highest adhesion resistance can be achieved when ambient and surface temperature is appropriate. Temperature is an element that directly affects the quality and life of the application.

During the application of silicone joint sealants, you should be careful not to mix dust or water as soon as hardening begins. If water or dirt is mixed into the surface during hardening, qualified adhesion cannot be achieved, and its life span is shorter. Necessary measures should be taken to make the application in a clean area.
If it comes into contact with your eye during the application, wash it with warm water first. You can then consult a doctor if your discomfort persists. The assistance should be obtained from a professional master during the application. You can choose joint sealants to create an aesthetic living space, eliminate joint Cavs, and create a hygienic area.

Does Silicone Joint Sealant Pass Water?

Silicone joint sealant has a water repellent and polymer binding additives. It is 100% waterproof on the applied surface. Smooth and smooth surface is obtained, water-absorbing is low, resistant to scratches. It retains its cracking feature and is long-lasting.

Joint Sealant Prices

Silicone Adhesive and joint sealant prices vary according to the model of the product. Our products include Vibroser H70 – Ms polymer adhesive and joint filler, Vibroser S300 – neutral silicone joint sealant, Vibroser S67 – neutral silicone joint sealant, Cleanroom C67 – cleanroom joint filler options. These products have different characteristics and different uses.

Silicone joint sealants can be used to fill joints of different widths. The application of these products is effortless. If you want to save both time and artistry, you can easily apply it by yourself. After the procedure, a smooth and flat surface emerges.

Silicone adhesive joint filler can be used in many areas, such as tiles, granite, and marble, which will reveal an aesthetic study. It has a wide range of uses, including kitchens, manufacturing facilities, and many industrial areas. If you want to perform a practical joint filler process, you can find a silicone adhesive suitable for your intended use and space to apply among our products.