Stainless Drainage Systems

Stainless Drainage Systems

Stainless Drainage Systems

Stainless drainage systems are products used in industrial facilities to prevent deterioration caused by water. Water is a very important source of existence for human life. Water is needed in many industrial sectors and production areas. In working areas, water is used intensively in terms of production and hygiene. However, indoor water can damage the floor, walls, and panels.

Stainless drainage systems are used to eliminate the damage caused by water or chemical liquids. Water used in industrial facilities can be easily removed. The life of the floor and walls extends after the directed waters move away. corrosion is one of the biggest problems in hygiene areas. Although water is essential for hygiene, rusting is inevitable in moist areas. Stainless drainage systems can be used to remove water.

Drainage systems can be used as a protector in siphons and channels. Siphons and drains can limit the work area indoors. These systems, which are resistant to heavy loads, provide uninterrupted work and create a hygienic working environment in the facility where they are used. It is also an effective detail in creating an aesthetic environment.

Why to Use Stainless Drainage Systems?

Stainless steel drainage systems are used in most industrial facilities. The use of water in production areas due to production or cleaning works is intense. Apart from this, liquid chemicals are also used in many sectors. Channels and siphons are used to remove used water and liquids from the interior. These areas can bring some limitations to the interior.

The working areas of freight equipment and vehicles may be restricted in areas where channels and siphons are located. For this reason, these areas are covered with drainage systems in indoor spaces with canals and siphons. Thus, freight vehicles can easily function. It is a product that is resistant to heavy loads while preventing vehicles from falling into channels.

Channels are also dangerous for the personnel working in the facility. Occupational accidents may occur depending on this area. In this case, employers should take some occupational health and safety measures. Drainage systems should be used to eliminate the possibility of an indoor accident. One of the other problems in these areas is corrosion. Stainless drainage products are preferred to prevent corrosion.

Usage Areas of Stainless Steel Drainage Systems

Drainage systems are widely used in food production. Water is used extensively to produce both dairy and meat products. Since these areas also include cold rooms, they have channels and siphons. So these systems can be widely used in food production and business operations.

Water and chemical fluids are used extensively in areas such as the chemical industry and leather industry. Accordingly, a drainage system is used against the channels in the facilities. These systems are also needed in cold medicine warehouses, pharmaceutical factories, and laboratories.
Stainless drainage is also needed in many businesses operating in the tourism sector. Also, they are systems that should be used in facilities operating in sectors such as petrochemical, automotive, and cosmetics to send the liquid in the field. These products, which are resistant to corrosion, also provide hygiene in the area where they are used with their easy-to-clean structure.

What are the Advantages of Stainless Drainage Systems?

Stainless drainage systems have a wide range of use. These products can be produced as standard or by request they can be produced specially with different patterns and shapes. The usage advantages of these systems are as follows;

  • Channels and siphons create a flawed appearance in the places where they are located. Drainage systems cover these defects with its remarkable color and quality appearance. It contributes to creating an aesthetic environment in industrial facilities and places where it is used.
  • Hygiene is very important in production areas. However, as the excess water stays in the area, a humid environment emerges. Also, the accumulation of water can lead to a loss of hygiene. Drains also play an active role in ensuring and protecting hygiene in the area where they are used.
  • Channels and siphons are a major defect in terms of work safety in the area where they are located. These areas should be protected by the employer. Stainless drainage is a functional product in order not to disturb the functioning and to take the necessary safety measures for the personnel.
  • Water accumulation is an intense situation in areas that serve as channels and water evacuation. This can lead to corrosion over time. Accordingly, bacterial formation increases. Stainless steel drainage systems can be used to eliminate bacterial growth and fight corrosion.
  • Cleaning of drainage systems is also extremely practical. You can easily clear these areas during the day.
  • Mounting is extremely simple and practical.

Functions of Stainless Drainage Systems

The stainless steel drainage system serves to prevent the negative effects of water in industrial facilities and production areas. In facilities operating in many sectors, especially in the food sector, water is discharged through canals and siphon areas. However, water accumulation may occur in these areas. These systems prevent water accumulation.

In many sectors, they are used as a protection system in areas such as canals and siphons. In many facilities, channels and siphons are closed with these systems so that the person can work comfortably and the vehicles can move easily. Drainage systems are the most preferred products against corrosion. Also, it is one of the aesthetic details for a stylish appearance in the facilities.

How to Install Stainless Drainage Systems?

Stainless drainage systems are produced as standard. Also, special products can be made for the structure of the facilities and your intended use. In other words, you can also request project-based production according to preference. There are different surface designs in drainage systems to help drain water. Different patterns can be applied on the surface. You can use drainage systems with attractive patterned surfaces to add aesthetic details to the areas.

The installation of drainage systems is very simple. Since the product is produced by the dimensions after you receive the product, you can establish it on the channel or siphon. The product, which is specially produced for the area to be used, immediately sits on the ground.

These systems are resistant to rust, dirt, bacteria, and water after mounting in the area of use. Also, it shows resistance against the equipment and vehicles involved in the transportation of heavy loads in the facility where it is used.

Stainless Drainage System Prices

Prices of stainless drainage systems; It is determined by different factors such as the size of the product, the pattern to be used, the number of products to be purchased, the structure of the area to be applied. Although the prices are predetermined in the standard product preference, this is not the case for project-based orders. In the project-based orders, the details of the system to be produced are determined first. Then, a price quote for the drainage system is presented to the client.

Water and other liquids can accumulate on the ground in many areas such as chemistry, cosmetics, leather, health sector, especially in the food sector. In addition to bacteria formation, this creates dirty floors and unsightly images. Drainage systems are used for the evacuation of water and liquids from the ground. To prevent corrosion formation, to clean this area easily, and to provide a hygienic environment, a drainage system with a stainless feature can be preferred. These systems are products with both durable and aesthetic appearance.