Stainless Tile

Stainless Tile

Stainless Tile

Stainless Tile; They are special tiles used in areas with a high-temperature difference or heavy traffic. Although these products have been used for many years, they promise superior durability. Standard tiles used in areas with heavy traffic may wear out over time. It causes problems such as rust, wears, and breakage after a certain period of time, especially in areas exposed to heavy load transitions.

It provides an effective solution, especially for floors with high-temperature differences. It is mostly preferred in the transition areas of cold or hot room doors exposed to heavy traffic. They are durable stainless products used in sections such as the front of doors and ramps used as a loading area. These products are designed to handle heavy traffic in the area where they are used.

Tiles offer an extremely aesthetic appearance in the area where they are used. Besides, the intermediate parts are specially designed to prevent water intake. Thanks to its stainless feature, these tiles are products developed with direct protection against water. In addition to its water resistance, it will be a choice that can remain intact for many years. By injecting mastic on both sides of the product, it works.

What Are the Types of Stainless Tiles?

Stainless tiles are produced in two different types. These products can be chosen according to your needs. As with all our other products, we come across product options that will meet every need in tiles.

One of the most preferred types is non-slip models. Stainless products with a non-slip surface are produced in two different ways, 300×300 and 300×150. You can find a thickness of 3-4 mm in both products. Thanks to its constructive solutions, tiles with stainless surfaces can be used in areas that need to be non-slip.

Another type of product is a stainless tile with smooth surfaces. These products are also produced in 300×300 and 300×150 sizes. In these models, the thickness is 3-4 mm. They are more preferred products in loading areas, elevator doors, and ramps with heavy and heavy traffic. Depending on your needs, you can purchase a smooth surface or a stainless steel feature.
You can request special production in different sizes, taking into account the area you will use while choosing the tile and the purpose of use.

Usage Areas of Stainless Tiles

Stainless tile products are used in loading areas with heavy cargo traffic, front parts of elevator doors, and ramps. Even if they have been exposed to water or heavy loads for a long time, you can use the products thanks to their water-resistant structure and durability. In general, the usage areas of these products are as follows;

  • Food production facilities,
  • Food businesses and food production facilities,
  • Pharmaceutical warehouses, hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical factory in the health sector,
  • Beverage production facilities,
  • Milk and dairy products production facility,
  • Meat and meat products production facility,
  • Bakery and patisseries,
  • Vegetable and animal oil production facilities,
  • Facilities serving in the chemical industry,
  • Facilities operating in the textile industry,
  • Power plants,
  • Facilities providing transportation services,
  • Storage and shipping areas,
  • Product storage warehouses,
  • Cold stores,
  • It can be used in areas such as airports, bus terminals, metro station.

With their stainless features, these tiles provide a great convenience in the area where they are used. They are products that you can use even if they have been exposed to water or heavy loads for a long time, especially with their water-resistant structure and durability. They are offered for sale with non-slip or flat surface options according to your needs.

What Are the Advantages of Using Stainless Tiles?

These products are used in many areas today. These products offer practical solutions in many sectors and storage areas of many food, textile, and health. The advantages offered by these products are as follows;

  • They are water-resistant products with rustproof properties. Although these products are exposed to water due to cold or temperature changes, they do not rust. It has a long service life with these features.
  • It is used as a transition product between tiles. Points exposed to water when not used at transition points may lose their hygienic feature over time. As a result, bacteria formation can be seen in the area over time. This is particularly problematic for food facilities. Stainless tiles should be preferred to keep the facilities hygienic at all times.
  • Transitions between tiles are not seen aesthetically at transition points such as storage areas and elevators. Stainless tiles provide an aesthetic appearance in these areas. Those who want to create a stylish and eye-pleasing transition point can choose these products.
  • Undesirable work accidents may occur in cases such as slipping in areas where heavy loads are carried. Non-slip tiles, besides their rustproof functions, make product transportation safe and more practical.
  • Some errors may occur in the corners and edges during the application. These mistakes cause an unaesthetic appearance. Thanks to the tiles to be used, you can improve your appearance by closing the errors.

Where Are Stainless Tiles Used?

  • At the transition points from floor to floor
  • In different material transitions
  • Under doors in plus-minus rooms
  • In areas where flat surfaces and non-slip surfaces are desired
  • It can be used to absorb the expansion of expanding materials.

Technical Specifications of Stainless Tiles

Models are produced for different needs. These products are basically produced in four different models;

  • 300x300x3-4 mm with non-slip surface
  • 300x150x3-4 mm with non-slip surface
  • 300x300x3 mm with a smooth surface
  • It is produced as 300x150x3 mm with a flat surface.

You can choose the product that suits your needs. You can use the product you purchased for door passages of cold or hot rooms with high-temperature differences on the floors. Aesthetic appearance can be obtained in areas with different material transitions. You can use it in areas with heavy load traffic with non-slip and flat surface options.

Stainless tiles are products that can be easily applied in many industrial areas. It also prevents the liquid passage between the two regions when it is used. As a result, it creates a solution against bacteria formation situations that may occur on the floors.

It can also be used in areas with load passage of sectors such as food, health, or textile, or at the entrances of hot or cold rooms where products are stored. In case of demand, tiles with non-slip properties can be applied and the stainless feature in the required areas.

Prices of Stainless Tiles

The prices of these products vary according to the model. These products, divided into two as non-slip and flat surfaces, are produced in four different models. You can get information about the price by contacting Vibroser.

Tiles offer many functional features such as hygiene, aesthetics, and insulation in the areas where they are used. Although they are generally used as a coating material, they can also be used as a transition connection between certain points in industrial areas. It is a product that is resistant to abrasion due to its solid structure.