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Antibacterial Neutral Silicone Joint Sealant VIBROSER-YDDS67

Antibacterial Neutral Silicone Joint Sealant VIBROSER-YDDS67

Single Component Anti-Bacterial Neutral Silicone, Food-Safe Joint Sealant

S67 Hygienic Panel Protectors and permanently elastic, single component anti-bacterial neutral silicone used as sealing connection between various materials is “ISEGA” documented cloth filling.

Antibacterial Neutral Silicone Joint Sealant VIBROSER-YDDS67

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      Fields of Usage

      For sealing of the cons between various materials in desirable places:
      bathrooms, kitchens, showers, hospitals, schools, restaurants.
      Suitable for polycarbonate glass for sealing various materials (glass, wood, concrete, stone, ceramic, metal, aluminum, most plastics).

      Technical Details

      Values of the untreated product:
      The structure is neutral oxamic silica; the shape is the consistency of putty.
      The way it’s cured with the damp of the air.
      Density 1000 +/- 10 kg/m (colorless)
      1390 +/- 10 kg/m. (color)
      Shell binding time 50% relatively humidity at 23°C 5 – 20 min
      Curing time 50% relatively humidity at 23°C 2 mm/day
      Flow strength ISO 7390 0 mm
      Application temperature + 5 °C to + 40 °C
      Values of cured product
      Hardness Shore A ISO 868 15 – 25
      Stress strength ISO 8339 0.35 – 0.60 MPa
      Module E 100% ISO 8339 0.25 – 0.40 MPa
      Rupture strength ISO 8339 % 200 – 300
      Stress strength 1 >1.20 MPa to ISO 37
      Rupture strength 1 to ISO 37 300 – 400%
      Volume loss ISO 10563 < 10%
      Elastic recovery ISO 7389 % 98
      Heat strength – with 40 °C + 180 °C

      Weight and Pack


      It is served as 600 ml of sausage. (20 pieces in a box.)

      No fiberglass for food safety
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