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Drain Trap WTYC-30-F-11-KP

Horizontal-Out Standart Siphon Drain Trap

It is a siphon-regulated, point-by-point wastewater evacuation product that can be cleaned to transfer wastewater formed in the installation facilities. This Drain Trap Drainage Systems product will prevent bacteria formation, which will create a precaution from wastewater installation to odor and pest input.

Drainage systems made of AISI304 or AISI316 grade stainless steel, siphon and duct production are made on a standard or project basis.

SKU: WTYC-30-F-11-KP
Drain Trap WTYC-30-F-11-KP

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    Fields of Usage

    Food Industry (Meat, Fish, Milk, Dairy Products, Bakery Products, Fat Food, Beverage, etc.)
    Health Sector (Hospital, Laboratory, Pharmaceutical Production-Storage), Chemistry, Petro-Chemistry, Automotive, Cosmetics, Logistics and Transportation, Tourism Sectors, Shopping Malls, and Supermarkets

    Technical Details

    Graded pan, with a fixed siphon, with a fixed siphon with a stainless maintenance cover, the first bend of the channel and the second bend where the upper grill is placed, is reinforced with a 14×14 mm section from the bottom, full iron plate, with anchorage and height adjustment parts.


    Completely made of AISI304 stainless steel, with the pan 2,00 mm, the upper grill 5,00 mm plate, and the bottom reinforcements 25×5 mm sectioned flat steel.
    Bucket type strainer with basket.
    Closed plate. (top plate 5,00 mm, bottom reinforcements 25×5 mm sectioned flat bar)


    300 x 300 x 200 mm
    Output Measure: DN100 (Ø110 mm)
    Odor Retention Water Depth: 60,00 mm

    Weight and Pack


    10,50 kg
    It is shipped in single packages with nylon shrink, in boxes, pallets, or cases, depending on the quantity.

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