FAVO W4 Mix Gray 200x200x14mm Antacid Tile
FAVO W4 Mix Gray 200x200x14mm Antacid Tile
All, Industrial Antacid Porcelain Tiles
FAVO W4 Mix Grey Anti Acid Tile FVW4MG200200-14

FAVO W4 Mix Grey Anti Acid Tile FVW4MG200200-14

Adhesion Strength Enhancer, Adherence Channel, Easy To Clean Industrial Anti Acid Tile

200×200 mm size and 14.0 mm thickness, rear adhesion strength enhancer W4 adherence channel, conical edges, and natural joint provider with fingernails, surface slippage R9, R10, R11 and produced in R12 classes.

SKU: FVW4MG200200-14
FAVO W4 Mix Grey Anti Acid Tile FVW4MG200200-14

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      Fields of Usage

      Food Industry (Meat, Fish, Milk, Dairy Products, Bakery Products, Oil, Food, Beverage, etc.)
      Health Sector (Hospital, Laboratory, Pharmaceutical Production-Storage),
      Chemical, Petro Chemical, Automotive, Cosmetics, Logistics and Transportation, Tourism Sectors,
      Shopping Malls and Supermarkets, etc.

      Technical Details

      They are porous, easy to clean, resistant to acids, chemicals and do not produce bacteria within them with low water absorption values.
      Its surface is of a nature that does not allow the reproduction of dirt and microorganisms.
      The 200×200 mm tile is even more strength against impacts and heavy loads due to its size and form.


      Mix Grey


      VSEE Vibration system XW1000 epoxy bonding and W13 liquid epoxy joint filler application.
      VSFE Vibration system flex bonding and W13 epoxy joint filler application.
      VSFF Vibration system flexes bonding and flexes joint filler application.


      200x200x14 mm.

      Weight and Pack


      Box ~19,37 Kg/0,61 m2
      Pallet ~1550 Kg/48,80 m2
      It is shipped with a nylon shrink pallet.

      No fiberglass for food safety
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