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Polymer Adhesive And Joint Sealant VIBROSER-YDDH70

Polymer Adhesive And Joint Sealant VIBROSER-YDDH70

High Strength Adhesive and Joint Sealant

In H70 Floor expansions, Hygienic Panel Protectors are MS (Hybrid) polymer high strength “ISEGA” documented adhesive and cloth filling for bonding metal and plastic materials.

Polymer Adhesive And Joint Sealant VIBROSER-YDDH70

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    Fields of Usage

    For sealing applications in critical environments. (hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical industry)
    It is used safely in the sector related to foodstuffs, but it does not directly contact foods.
    Sealing of the cons between different materials: glass, wood, concrete, stone, ceramic, metal, aluminum, and most plastics.
    Ventilation system sealing.

    Technical Details

    Values of the untreated product:
    Structure Hybrid MS Polymer, Shaped with Putty consistency
    Curing shape With the damp of the air
    Density 1390 +/- 10 kg/m.
    Shell binding time at 23C / 50% relatively humidity 25 min +/- 5 min
    Curing time at 23 C / 50% relatively humidity 2 – 3 mm/day
    Flow strength ISO 7390 0 mm
    Application temperature + 5 C to + 30 C
    Values of cured product
    Hardness Shore A ISO 868 35 – 40
    1% stress < strength iso 8339 1.2 – 1.5 MPa E Module 100% ISO 8339 > 0.80 MPa
    Rupture strength ISO 8339 % 200 – 300
    Stress strength 1 2.5 – 3.0 MPa to ISO 37
    Rupture strength 1% to ISO 37 250 – 350
    Heat strength – with 40 C + 90 ÅãC




    If you’re using the Cleanroom C67 for expansion connections, you should measure correctly.
    For optimal elastic properties of sealing material, an accurate width/depth ratio is important (2:1), or up to 1:1. The sealing agent should not hold the base of the searing, but only the edges.
    We can achieve this using basic material that the sealant does not adhere to (foamy polyethylene, polyurethane).
    The minimum depth width is 6 mm; the maximum is 20 mm.

    Weight and Pack


    It is served as 600 ml of sausage. (20 pieces in a box.)

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