Providing Hygienic Areas with Hygienic Skirting Boards and Borders

Providing Hygienic Areas with Hygienic Skirting Boards and Borders
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Hygienic skirting boards and borders provide a hygienic environment at the edges of walls, columns, and panels in industrial areas. It has a great effect on preventing the formation of bacteria in places suitable for bacterial growth. Because walls, columns, and panels can be overlooked during cleaning and are difficult to clean. For this reason, bacterial growth may become unavoidable. Hygienic skirting boards effectively create a hygienic environment in these areas, which are very difficult to clean and prevent bacterial growth. Thanks to its slippery form, workers can easily clean it. Hygienic skirting boards also protect walls and skirting boards against possible impacts and bumps. In addition, due to its striking color, it acts as a warning tape in the areas where you apply it.

Vibroser Blog | Hygienic Skirting Boards

Hygienic skirting boards and borders usage areas

It is difficult to clean during cleaning as the walls and corners are hard to reach. For this reason, they are the areas where bacteria formation is most common. Hygienic skirting boards minimize the formation of bacteria in these areas. Its many advantages provide effective protection in the area where you apply it. Hygienic skirting boards are made in places that require high hygiene safety.

It is important to use Hygienic skirting boards in workplaces where food is produced and stored. Food production factories, automotive parts production areas, showrooms, food service restaurants, cafes and patisseries, textile production factories, hospitals, laboratories, and drug production centers use hygienic skirting. It is practical and advantageous to use hygienic skirting boards that provide high hygiene in difficult to clean areas.

Vibroser Blog | Hygienic Skirting Boards

The main areas of use are

  • Food, meat, milk, fish production facilities,
  • Automotive production facility, vehicle service, and showrooms serving in different sectors,
  • Bakeries, patisseries, and cafes,
  • Vegetable and animal oil production areas,
  • Textile, chemical, and cosmetic industry,
  • Shopping malls, supermarkets, and DIY market sales areas,
  • Many areas such as hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical factories, and drug warehouses related to the health sector can use them.

What do Hygienic skirting boards and borders do?

Hygienic skirting boards and borders are important in areas requiring high hygiene to keep areas difficult to clean and susceptible to bacterial growth. Manufacturers should prefer all products to construct and install areas requiring high hygiene hygienically. The fact that these areas are easy to clean makes it easier to maintain hygiene. Hygienic baseboards and borders provide a great convenience for such places and businesses in this sense.

As a result; In addition to preventing the formation of bacteria by providing a hygienic environment, it also prevents damage to the materials used. Hygienic baseboards and borders used in production and storage areas that require hygiene and protection are protective barriers in terms of not damaging walls and materials in impacts such as hitting and hitting. Panel protectors are suitable for use in many areas of industrial production. It is important not to damage these areas during product transportation and product delivery to workplaces and storage areas. Facilities can use acid chemicals to increase the preservation period of the stored materials. Hygienic skirtings and borders also prevent the walls from these effects damage. The panel protectors also provide flexibility, preventing breakage and spillage during any hitting and impact.

Vibroser Blog | Hygienic Skirting Boards

What are the features of hygienic baseboards and borders?

Hygienic skirting boards and borders used in many stages of industrial production have many advantages. For this reason, its use is widespread. Hygienic baseboards and panel protectors prevent the formation of bacteria and keep these areas clean. Hygienic skirting board and panel protectors have a radius form. It has a slippery and easily cleanable feature due to its radius form. Due to its hygienic skirting features, manufacturers use it in industrial production and protection areas. Its slippery and cleanable structure makes it easy to clean the overlooked areas and difficult to clean during cleaning.

Hygienic baseboards used in industrial areas are designed in striking colors. It also provides effective protection against corrosion. Since it is designed with invisible colors, it also serves as a warning for the areas where they are located. We can design Hygienic baseboards in accordance with the interior design of the space. Especially during the storage of bulky products, facilities can use hygienic skirting boards on the upper parts of the walls to protect the upper parts of the walls and keep them healthy.

What are the prices of hygienic skirtings and borders?

Hygienic baseboards and panel protectors effectively prevent bacterial growth, and almost every field of industrial production uses them. The prices of hygienic skirting and panel protectors vary according to the area to be used and  ​​use. Hygienic skirting prices vary according to the size you prefer, the square meter of the area you are going to use, and the shape.