Özel 21. Yüzyıl College

Vibroser References 21. yy Koleji

Sector: Shopping Mall and General – Area: İstanbul / Kartal

21. Yüzyıl College is a private school providing uninterrupted education and training for many years. The 21st Century College, located in Izmir, described as the pearl of the Aegean, is constantly making a name for its expert education staff and success. The 21st Century College, located in the Karşıyaka district of Izmir, shares the vast experience of deep-rooted education with today’s generation.

Under the roof of 21. Yüzyıl College, all the training pieces, including Kindergarten, Primary School, Secondary School, and High School, are given in full. The school also hosts full scholarship students by making special exams every year. This example and movements like these are among the most respected colleges in the region.

Education Staff

All instructors under the 21. Yüzyıl College has been carefully selected. Academic achievements, cultural knowledge, and worldview of teachers who are experts in their field have been chosen based on its mission. For this reason, all education staff is fully and fully equipped to serve students.

Social activities

21. Yüzyıl College is among the schools that realize how important social activities are in individual candidate young people’s lives. Due to this situation, it organizes various social activities at regular intervals. The main purpose of the organized activities is to develop the student’s social skills, socialize, and increase his self-confidence. All activities organized under the roof of the school are carried out on these guidelines.


21. Yüzyıl College, using the unique advantages of expert education staff, aims to provide fully equipped, modern and complete education without discriminating against 2its students. Education areas such as Sports, Music, Drama, and Theater are very effective in human life; It offers students’ entire education life. Turkey constitutes a training model over the standard of 21st Century College has prepared thousands of students to live until today. A student can get all the education he can get from Kindergarten to High School years from 21st Century College. In this way, the student has the opportunity to be prepared under the roof of the 21st Century College until the university, without the need for another educational institution.