Agromey Group

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Sector: Meat and Meat Products – Area: İzmir

Agromey Grup of Companies operates in fish breeding, fish processing and packaging, and fish feed production. In fisheries and aquaculture sectors, the annual production capacity of 18,000 tons of sea bass and sea bream with Turkey is among the biggest exporters and manufacturers. The production of the Agromey Grup of Companies as of 01.01.2017, Agromey Gıda ve Yem San. Tic. A.Ş. and its export activities are carried out by Agromey Dış Ticaret A.Ş. continue over.

Where are Agromey Plants?

Its facilities managed with international standards of quality systems are in Aydın / Umurlu and İzmir / Karaburun. It is packaged, freshly cooled, or frozen under expert consultants’ supervision in fish processing and packaging facilities.
In addition to fish farming, feeds used in fish farming are also produced to ensure high production quality. The feed is produced under the brand name Agromarin in the feed factory located in Izmir / Torbalı.

Aydın Fish Processing and Packaging Facility

A fish processing facility located in Aydın Umurlu Organized Industrial Zone was built in 2009. The 6,720 m² facilities on a 15,270 m² area are equipped with the latest technology and have a processing and packaging capacity of 13,600 tons/year.
The facility by EU standards and norms, BRC (Ver. 7), IFS (Ver. 6), Global G.A.P., and FDA (U.S. Certificate of Registration) Quality and Food Safety Management System Certificates. In the state-of-the-art hygienic facilities, production activities are carried out as Fresh Chilled Fish, Fresh Fillet Fish, Cleaned Frozen Fish, Fresh Cleaned Fish, Frozen Fillet Fish, and Frozen Whole Fish.

Akel-10 Fish Packaging Factory Ship

Akel-10 Packaging Facility was established to deliver the fish harvested in Izmir Karaburun to the consumers by packaging them quickly. It started its activities in a region close to production farms in Terence Bay, İzmir, in December 2012 with a packaging facility. The facility was designed from an old Ro-Ro Ship.

The facility, which has a production area of ​​500 m2, has a packaging capacity of 70 tons of fresh, chilled sea bream and sea bass. The facility with the Ministry of Agriculture operation and approval certificate has BRC-IFS, Global Gap, FDA, and Kosher Quality System Certificates. Distribution to all Turkey and European countries, America and t, are exported to Arab countries and the cargo plane.

Agromey Feed Factory

Agromey Feed Factory started to operate in İzmir Torbalı district in 2002. Annual production of 90,000 tons/year is made in the facility, which was established to produce quality feed and reduce production costs.

Quality Production Activities

Within the framework of legal legislation and regulations; Healthy food production has been adopted by considering quality, food safety, and human health. In line with hygiene and sanitation principles in food production, it aims to keep the product quality at the highest level and increase production efficiency.
In the activities carried out in the marine environment, environmental impacts are adopted, and the protection of the ecosystem is ensured through monitoring and appropriate management systems.

Vibroser has preferred its products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in Agromey facilities.