Agromey Ship Project

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Sector: Meat and Meat Products – Area: İzmir

The Agromey Ship Project began operations in 2012 with the conversion of the AKEL 10 vessel, built-in 1974, into a fish packaging plant. It is located in İzmir Gerence Bay, which is close to İzmir Karaburun facilities owned by Agromey Balıkçılık Company. Onboard, harvested fish are taken aboard and packaged in a short time. With an area of 500 m2, 70 tons of freshly chilled sea bream/sea bass are packaged daily.

Agromey Agromey Ship Project

Agromey Ship Project has a business approval certificate issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and has internal market and export permits. BRC-IFS, FDA, Global Gap, and Kosher quality system certificates are also available. All European countries, America and Arab countries are exported by plane cargo and trucks.

High-Quality Hygiene Packaging

The highest emphasis is given to legal regulations and regulations, considering quality, food safety, human health, and social responsibility standards. The business, which combines its customer satisfaction-oriented approach with healthy food understanding, is acting following sustainable sanitation and hygiene principles. Thanks to this approach, he has reached a leading position in the sector.
Environmentally friendly ships buy operating in the marine environment, considering environmental impacts, necessary measures are taken. In addition to healthy and hygienic products, employees are provided to adopt the same responsibility to protect the ecosystem.

Agromey Ship Project has preferred Vibroser products and services in ensuring structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.