Aktül Kağıt

Vibroser References Aktul Kagit

Sector: Shopping Mall and General – Area: Sakarya

Aktül Kağıt, which started its operations in 2011, produces hygienic cleaning paper. In this way, the company, which started to produce cleaning paper from 100% pure cellulose, carries out its production in paper production and converting facility established on  ​​200 thousand square meters in Pamukova, Sakarya.

Aktül Kağıt annual paper production capacity is 140 thousand tons, and the converting production capacity is around 120 thousand tons.
The company produces Komili Konfor and Komili Yuvam brands and produces private label products for supermarket chains. Some of these brands are Blume and Queen, the watchmakers of the BİM chain of stores.

Known Brands Quality Service

The company has determined its mission as creating high technology and modern production-management systems to meet its customer’s and stakeholders’ expectations. Also, Aktül Kağıt, which pays great attention to the efficient use of resources, has a production understanding that is environmentally friendly, of high quality, and makes a difference. The company has always adopted the vision of providing innovative solutions and quality products to its customers.

Nature-Friendly Management and Production

Aktül Kağıt works with the principle of protecting nature and environmental health at all levels, from its managers to employees. The company supplies cellulose from sustainable forests. The company, which is sensitive about the protection of ecological balance and the more efficient use of natural resources, makes 100% environmentally friendly production. The company, which prefers even the chemicals used to products that will not harm nature and human beings, separates its wastes at the source and provides recycling of more than 90%.

Komili Toilet Paper and Komili Paper towel produced by the company is the first Turkish brand in the paper industry awarded with the EU ECOLABEL environmental label by the British Ministry of Environment (Defra). In this way, the company has registered its environmentally friendly attitude.

The company, which makes a difference on a global scale with its environmentally friendly applications, is among the top five companies in the world with its cogeneration facility. Using Shoe Press (ViscoNip) technology for less chemical use and release, the company cleans the process of wastewater with its treatment plant. Paying attention to the use of chemicals in its products, Aktül Kağıt does not use materials containing glycosol, formaldehyde, PCP, and alkylphenol derivatives that are harmful to health and the environment. At the same time, Aktül Kağıt, which does not bleach with chlorine, also inspects raw material suppliers in this sense.