Al Anzarouti Food (Jannaty)

Al Anzarouti Food (Jannaty) | Vibroser Referans Projeler

Sector: Food and Beverage Industry – Area: Bahrain

Al Anzarouti Food offers many food brands under the roof of the company. It continues its activities in many countries of the Middle East, especially in Syria. The consumer’s demands and desires are interpreted with its expert staff who have adopted the modern mindset, are innovative, and aware of their goals. Al Anzarouti Food combines research results in the food market with food development studies to create new products.

An Important Part of the Food Industry in the Middle East

Al Anzarouti Food aims to be one of the most preferred brands by consumers by offering improved food products at affordable prices. While the production facility’s equipment is created by following the development of technology, food safety is considered at all levels.
Market studies are carried out in many countries in the Middle East, especially in Syria. It continues its efforts to be the market leader in the Middle East. Investments are made by determining consumer expectations, commercial benefits, and production collaborators. The company’s strategic location in the region contributes positively to its rise in the food industry.

Food Production with International Standards

The brands produced under the umbrella of Al Anzarouti Food have common goals. In line with this goal, production is carried out where food safety is ensured and international standards. Producing value-added products for the national economy, Al Anzarouti Food continues to take a leading position globally by ensuring customer satisfaction.
In the first stage of the production stage, raw materials that meet the standards are used. The carefully selected ingredients are brought to international standards by combining with expert staff and flavor recipes. It is accepted as a duty for the consumers to be pleasant and happy while consuming Al Anzarouti Food products.

Sustainability Goals Are Preserved While Increasing Sales Volume

It is aimed to increase the production capacity of the production facilities, which continue their activities under the brand, to reach more masses. To ensure the continuity of the production stages, environmentally friendly policies are followed. As a result of sustainability studies, plans are made to protect nature, reduce waste, and save money and its continuity.
To leave a better world for future generations, plans are made with the goals of 100% recycling in environmental wastes, reduction in the amount of water used per unit, and increasing energy efficiency.