Alesayi Beverage Group

Alesayi Beverage | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Food and Beverage Industry – Area: Saudi Arabia

Alesayi Holding was founded by Shaikh Ali Abdullah Alesayi. The company, which includes different business lines, is among the most active and leading institutions in the Saudi Arabia and Gulf Arab Countries Cooperation (GCC) region. The Holding includes Alesayi Beverage Company with the name ABC. Founded in 1968, the brand produces soft drinks, energy drinks, and fruit juices in different flavors. Starting from the filling line, it brings the most delicious and high-quality beverages to consumers.

In 1995, Alesayi Group established Can Making Company (SCMC), a steel box manufacturing company with an annual production capacity of 700 million boxes. It also serves in different business lines to improve itself in the service sector. Alesayi Distribution Company Ltd. (ADC) and Alesayi Marketing Company Ltd. (AMC) are among the companies established for this purpose. Mecca Transport Company (MTC), Makkah International Transport Co., and Yamaha Transport companies, Alesayi operates in all areas of the service sector.

Alesayi’s Success Secrets

Alesayi owes its success in the sector to well-intentioned work, correct financial features, and employees who do their job with passion. Suppliers and partners have adopted a working style that always places customer satisfaction as the priority and the connection established with the society. In this context, the company is constantly working to provide the best results for all its stakeholders and for itself. Creating significant results for all of its partners and suppliers, the brand meets its customers’ needs day by day.

Customer Focused Work, Versatile Industry Target

Defining its mission as providing customer-oriented products and services, it has adopted the best international management practices to create a brand identity. The brand, which has a long-term business relationship with its suppliers and investors, provides the most efficient and effective service. The vision of the company, on the other hand, has been a partnership established with its customers, suppliers, and investors on the right footing. The company, which offers high service standards, aims to be a developing versatile industry brand by expanding its social responsibility areas.

Vibroser has preferred its products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in Alesayi Holding facilities.