Altınışık Süt Ürünleri

Milk and Dairy Products
Altınışık Süt Ürünleri
Altınışık Süt Ürünleri | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Milk and Dairy Products – Area: Kırşehir

Altınışık Süt Ürünleri started its activities in 1990 with wholesale food trade. In 2007, he focused on milk and dairy products production. Its facilities have an area of ​​10.000 m2, 3000 m2 of which is a closed area. It produces cheddar cheese, white cheese, and dairy products with 100 tons of milk per day.

Where is Altınışık Süt Ürünleri Factory?

Its facilities are in Kırşehir, one of the provinces with fertile lands in agriculture and animal husbandry in our country. The awareness that milk is the most valuable food produces the healthiest, quality, and reliable dairy products.

Production Facilities

Milk is collected from the producers in the region through the milk collection center. The collected milk is queued for processing in facilities equipped with the latest technology. Necessary precautions are taken precisely to deliver the healthiest and highest quality dairy products to consumers.
Kashar cheese, white cheese, and other cheese varieties are produced in ISO 22000 standards under food experts’ supervision. The shipment of the manufactured products is made by cold chain vehicles.

Benefiting from the benefits of technology, without departing from traditional values, Altınışık provides high standards of hygiene and quality controls from the raw material supply of the products to the consumer.

Altınışık Süt Ürünleri has preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.