American Hospital

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Sector: Shopping Mall and General – Area: İstanbul / Şişli

American Hospital is one of Turkey’s oldest hospital. Providing its services under the roof of the Vehbi Koç Foundation, the hospital is preparing to celebrate its 100th anniversary this year. In addition to having a long history, it has also hosted many important operations.

The hospital has been serving uninterruptedly for decades with the latest technology products and the latest medical developments. Putting quality-oriented health service between its lines, the hospital reveals a successful hospital understanding. To establish a transparent, understandable, and secure communication, the American Hospital also has a serious authority in the health sector. There are many certificates under the roof of the hospital. These certificates show that it maintains international standards. Also, the American Hospital was awarded the JCI Accreditation Certificate in 2002. This document is periodically audited.

Management Policy

The American Hospital has always determined its management policy as patient-oriented. Basically, based on its interests, the hospital has always been receiving positive comments due to this. We can say that it has adopted an innovative approach among its management policy. Likewise, the “European Association of Echocardiography” Cardiology accreditation continues to serve in line with a center title in Metabolic and Bariatric operations. American Hospital in the development of the health sector in Turkey has a team that is aware of the important role. Due to this, it offers its services in continuous renewal, development, and by following the technology closely. Thanks to the services provided, many lives can continue their lives.

American Hospital Doctors

All doctors under the umbrella of the American Hospital are carefully selected and experts in their field. The world’s most prestigious universities to graduate from Turkey have a team of doctors who know the culture and the arts. The American Hospital(Amerikan Hastanesi) approaches its patients like a guest. Due to this, it emphasizes the relationship between doctor and patient with sensitivity. In this way, all the patient’s needs will be met quickly and will leave the hospital satisfied. Doctors who can perform these procedures need the success of their fingers and their vision and human approach. For this reason, the American Hospital (Amerikan Hastanesi) continues on its way, always worrying about providing a fully equipped, complete, and friendly service.