An Gıda Products Production and Marketing (Sera)

Food and Beverage Industry
An Gıda Products Production and Marketing (Sera)
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Sector: Food and Beverage Industry – Area: Aydın

Sera Factories are among the few companies that have managed to bring their products to the table in their freshest form since 1985. Their journey has started in Germany. Serafood has two factories in Aydın and Manisa and a Logistics Base in Alanya. Sera exports its products to 45 countries around the world. It has adopted the principle of bringing all its products, preserving their naturalness, from their branches to your tables.

Sera’s Vision and Mission

Serafood’s vision is to reflect the traditional Mediterranean food culture and to stand out from its competitors with innovative products. At the same time, it is among their vision to become the most recognized Turkish brand in the markets it enters. Their mission is to bring traditional Mediterranean flavors to the table in their most natural and freshest form.

The Adventure of Sera Products

Fruits and vegetables make a difference with their smell, taste, and naturalness. Production and cultivation stages are essential for the naturalness and freshness of the products. Therefore, Sera only works with the farmers with whom it has contracted. Four seasons of the year, the products cultivated with great effort and care are purchased from the farmers. Vegetables and fruits are taken from the branch to enter the evaluation and elimination process. Product selections and all stages are meticulously processed. Products are sent to the factory when they are found suitable in terms of standard and quality.

Quality Standards of Sera Products

Sera products are always thoroughly tested according to quality standards. If the products are suitable for meeting with the consumer, they are sent to Sera production facilities to be packed well. Natural and fresh products are packaged in Sera Factories without compromising quality standards. The most important packaging conditions are that the packaging protects the naturalness/freshness of the product and is environmentally friendly. After all these stages, the product sets out to meet the consumers, and the long journey that will end at the tables begins.

Sera’s Product Tracking

Sera keeps track of the tracking even after the products reach the consumers. At the same time, it continues to track the products in the markets. It monitors the storage, expiry date, and display status of the products on the market shelves. When it catches a process that goes wrong, it immediately becomes a pioneer in remediation.

The Success of the Sera

Sera, which has adopted customer satisfaction as a principle since 1985, has won many prestigious awards. Serafood, Turkey continues to be among the leading food manufacturers.