Arıkan Tekstil


Sector: Shopping Mall and General – Area: Kahramanmaraş

Arıkan Tekstil is a well-established textile company that provides services to many countries, especially our country. It was established in 1954 in Kahramanmaraş. In addition to being one of Turkey’s oldest textile companies are among the rows of serious employment enables companies.

Arıkan Tekstil was handed over to Osman Arıkan on the 36th anniversary of its establishment. Continuing as a family tradition, Arıkan Tekstil has demonstrated a unique growth in every generation. The company, which entered the branding process in the 1990s, reached world standards in cotton yarn and fabric yarn production in the same period. Today, it produces 100% cotton yarn in an area of ​​350.000 m2 with a 150.000 m2 closed area. The company did not settle with yarn production and added products such as knitting, fabric, and dyed fabric to its wide range.

Environmental policy

The soil and the environment have a great influence on Arıkan Tekstil’s production. We can say that it has adopted a fully equipped environmentalist and ecological environmental policy. The company acts by determining and evaluating the environmental impact of its products. With this aim, it enables the protection of the environment and the development of protection measures. It can be said that it is a company that carries out its production in an exemplary line due to its environmental protection policy. Using natural resources and energy consumption in line with its personnel’s directives, who are experts in various fields, Arıkan Tekstil also subjects all its personnel to the necessary training. It is known that it supports many projects at the point of developing and spreading environmental awareness.


Arıkan Tekstil cotton yarn and knitted fabric operate in the production area, represent Turkey in accessing the world standard, have a ring complete and full-service approach, and keep pace with the developing world a collection mission under the constitution all the innovations. It emerges as a company that strengthens its values ​​and goals day by day. Also, all personnel under Arıkan Tekstil are required to fulfill many necessary details. These include areas such as company mission, vision awareness, and loyalty to the environment and ecology.