Sector: Food and Beverage Industry – Area: Çek Cumhuriyeti

BAPA is an established company in preparing ready meals, baguettes, and sandwiches for delivery in the Czech and Slovak Republics. It operates at its production facility in Hněvotín, near Olomouc. BAPA is the continuation of the commercial activities of Mr. Zdeněk Papáček, who started the production and distribution of striped bread in 1996. Zdeněk Papáček founded BAPA in 2004 with an initial capital of 50,000 CZK, which has one of the most modern factories for baguette and sandwich production in Central Europe.

Growth Oriented

Another important turning point was 2006 when the strategic partner HAMÉ joined the company, which managed to double more than its business share in the baguette and sandwich market in a short time. In 2007, Hamé Life Style brand, the fastest growing brand in its segment, was launched.
At the beginning of 2010, the company started to produce Apetit branded sandwiches and cold meals, whose customers are mainly in Central and North Moravia. In July of the same year, BAPA expanded its portfolio with the Simply Fresh brand.
The company’s range is specially selected and modified according to the needs of customers who quickly fell in love with these brands. It provides quality goods delivery to all customers 365 days a year with its own refrigerated vehicles.

How to Cook Food

  • Classical procedures are used at the production facility in Hněvotín.
  • Production technology is based on quality ingredients and traditional recipes.
  • After cooking, the dishes are packed in plastic containers with a protective atmosphere, gently pasteurized, and then shock-cooled so that the dishes; preserves its perfect flavor for up to 21 days. It does not contain any chemical preservatives.
  • Meals are controlled at all stages of the production process. All ingredients in our meals are inspected, packaged foods are subjected to necessary controls. Then the meals are prepared for distribution.
  • In production facilities, hygiene is prioritized and complies with food regulations.

BAPA has preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.