Başyazıcı Et ve Et Ürünleri

Meat and Meat Products
Başyazıcı Et ve Et Ürünleri
Başyazıcı Et ve Et Ürünleri | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Meat and Meat Products – Area: Kayseri

Başyazıcı Et ve Et Ürünleri, founded as a humble business in 1953, has been operating in combined meat production since 1983. It has been achieved to be the name and brand of quality in the field of delicatessen products such as salami, soudjouk, pastrami, sausage, roasting, and smoked tongue. The company has ensured healthy and supervised production by establishing its own breeding farm.

Who is the Editorial Owner?

It started to produce pastrami in a modest enterprise by Mahmut Başyazıcıoğlu. Later, it has also included the sausage product as a household type in its product portfolio. It was combined with the factory built-in 1983. Later, it became a group company with its investments in different business lines. The President of the Group is still Mahmut Başyazıcıoğlu.

Qualified for a Geographical Indication

Within 3 fattening farms in Kayseri, thousands of animals are raised, including 2000 cattle. It continues its R&D studies to expand its product range, which includes processed meat products such as pastrami, soudjouk, salami, sausage, smoked tongue, roasting. These works were crowned with the geographical indication he received in pastrami and sausage in 2017.

Increased Investments

The plans it has made to increase the number of animals raised and the variety of products produced in Kayseri’s breeding farms have renewed the meat combination and its warehouses by investing 10 million.
The management of the company, planning to establish a new meat processing facility with an investment of 50 million TL to realize the R&D studies carried out to increase the diversity of meat products, will realize the public offering within 5 years.
It aims to enter the restaurant sector by opening Gourmet Cafes on both sides of Istanbul with its gourmet brand. By selling the products they produce in their cafes, they will fully realize their goal of directly reaching their consumers.

Virtual Store Established

In addition to selling its products in Turkey’s local markets by establishing large sales, the network has established its own virtual store and started selling directly. The delivery of the products is made by refrigerated vehicles.

Has National and International Quality Certificates

It has the Certificate of Conformity to Standards, Environmental Management System Certificate, Quality Management System Certificate, Food Safety Certificate. As Başyazıcı Et ve Et Ürünleri, it has internationally Halal Food Certificate and ISO 9001, 14001,22000 quality certificates.
Başyazıcı Et ve Et Ürünleripreferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.