Bayramefendi Osmanlı Kahvecisi

Food and Beverage Industry
Bayramefendi Osmanlı Kahvecisi
Bayramefendi Osmanlı Kahvecisi | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Food and Beverage Industry – Area: Antalya

Bayramefendi Osmanlı Kahvecisi has been serving its guests since 2009. Average monthly with 175 branches located in 77 provinces of Turkey are accommodated within the 3 million consumers. Working with the slogan “We have a tradition,” the company has undertaken the mission to carry Turkish society’s centuries-old coffee culture to the next generations.

With its 3200 employees, Bayramefendi Osmanlı Kahvecisi offers approximately 1.850.000 cups to its guests every month. Also, the company famous for its coffee consumes around 18 tons of chocolate per month. Stating that they want to keep their guests living the home environment and warmth, the company achieves its goal with its design and good-humored employees.

Flavor Award-Winning Products

Bayramefendi Osmanlı Kahvecisi is frequently mentioned with the quality and variety of its products. The company’s products include coffee, tea varieties, schlep, hot chocolate, cake, lemonade, frozen, smoothie, milkshake, ice cream, fondue, waffle, sandwich, and toast. Ottoman Coffee Shop has been awarded many times for superior taste with its quality products. With its 5 different products, the company was awarded by the International Taste and Quality Institute (ITQI) in 2018 and 2019, following 2017. With its Milky Hazelnut Chocolate, Cupcake, Chocolate, and Efe Coffee, Ottoman Kahvecisi was awarded the “Outstanding Taste Award,” It was awarded for three years a row with the healthy lemonade it has produced with special blends. At the end of this, he was awarded the “Crystal Taste Award.”

Sensitive to Human and Nature: Bayramefendi Osmanlı Kahvecisi

Bayramefendi Osmanlı Kahveci has frequently mentioned its guests’ food and drinks and their social responsibility projects. Sending the millions of plastic covers accumulated in all its stores to recycling exhibits an environmentally friendly approach. It contributes to the provision of battery-powered chairs for citizens with disabilities. At the same time, the company is working for the “Zero Waste Project.” He is working to obtain agricultural fertilizer from the peel of roasted coffee. These high-yield fertilizers contribute to the region’s farmers to grow coffee plants in Antalya’s Gazipaşa District. In addition to these, Ottoman Coffee Maker has made a difference with its specially designed mugs. Within the scope of the “Support to Living Without Disabilities” project, the cups designed under the name of the “Visually Impaired Cup” contain the messages “my heart,” “touch my soul,” and “I love you” in Braille alphabet. With this approach, the company makes people feel that they have not forgotten individuals who have lost their sight.

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