Beirut-Erbil Potato (BEPP CO)

Food and Beverage Industry
Beirut-Erbil Potato (BEPP CO)
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Sector: Food and Beverage Industry – Area: Iraq

Beirut-Erbil Potato is a company that produces Iraqi potato products and aims to export these products to the whole world. In this way, it works in coordination with companies such as Nahar Al-Awrad Company. Beirut-Erbil Potato is manufactured in Erbil, Iraq. The main purpose of the firm is to carry out activities to support potato growers in Iraq.

A company that stimulates the Iraqi economy and supports the farmer

Beirut-Erbil Potato is constantly working to produce Iraq’s best potato chips. On the one hand, it supports the development of agriculture in Iraq by making permanent contracts with farmers. BEPP CO, with the works it has done in this direction, has enabled the agricultural areas to become operational. On the other hand, the company, which continues to work to increase society’s welfare and develop the country’s economy, aims to provide new employment opportunities for its citizens. Always protecting Iraq and the Iraqi people’s interests, the firm makes its investments in this direction. The company continues its efforts to develop Iraq in the agricultural sector. In this way, it provides a high amount of potato production. The company offers two types of potato chips with the brands Mito and Mr.Krisper.

Safe and Quality Production in Beirut-Erbil Potato

The company has benefited from all the possibilities of technology in the production facility to increase product quality. In this context, it uses the latest Japanese production machines. The company, which is produced untouched and applies all hygiene rules in all production stages, has the ISO 22000 International Quality Management Certificate. It also includes HACCP documents for food safety and management. Always determining public health as the priority in production, the company also shows sensitivity to customer satisfaction. The company, which works non-stop to meet its customers’ demands, also pays great attention to Research and Development Studies.

Potato Chips That Make Kids Smile

Beirut-Erbil Potato, which is frequently mentioned with social responsibility projects, delivers its products free of charge, especially to those in need. The company, which distributes potato chips to families with insufficient financial power and thus delights the children of families with no purchasing power, has gained great appreciation in Iraq.

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