Belsa Plaza

Sector: Shopping Mall and General References – Area: İzmit

Belsa Plaza is a shopping mall whose construction started in 1992 and was completed in 1996. Bela Plaza, built by the Izmit Metropolitan Municipality, continued to expire at the end of 1996. On average, it was built on a large land of 13.130 m2. Belsa Plaza, the biggest business and shopping center of Kocaeli city, also has wide service facilities.

Within the structure of the Plaza, various facilities are provided to its guests. While official institutions belong to Izmit Metropolitan Municipality in the plaza, there are also telephones, computer workers, and restaurants. Belsa Plaza is expected to be fully connected to İzmit Metropolitan Municipality in the coming years.

Stores and Government Offices

There are private institutions and public institutions that provide dozens of different services under Belsa Plaza. There are also Izmir Water and Sewerage Directorate and Izmit Metropolitan Municipality’s main building, which belongs to Izmit Metropolitan Municipality. The services and stores under Belsa are not limited to these; There are 2 Izmir Belsa Plaza offices, a 3 store shopping center, 6 movie theaters, FAST FOOD areas, and a 2 store 1000-car capacity car park. Izmit Belsa has an average area of ​​70.000 m2 in the center of the city. This area is used completely closed. Belsa Plaza, which is used as a shopping mall today, continues to grow day by day.

Service Policy

Belsa Plaza follows a fully equipped, complete, and accessible policy at the point of service policy. Likewise, a large part of the plaza belongs to Izmit Metropolitan Municipality. Inside the plaza, there are services such as a movie theater, computer developer, and fast food restaurant. Belsa Plaza rents stores like these in the plaza. It is expected that all the stores rented under Belsa will have the necessary features. The first of these criteria is the details, such as being institutional and having a fully equipped service understanding. Likewise, all stores under the plaza can meet these criteria. Belsa Plaza, which aims to have larger stores in the coming years, continues on its way with the right service understanding today.