Boran Et

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Sector: Meat and Meat Products – Area: Aydın

Boran Et is a meat integrated plant and animal farm in Aydın Pamukören. Within 150 acres of land, it is among the largest enterprises of Aydın, with its slaughterhouse with a daily capacity of 70 cattle and a farm of 12 thousand live animals.

Who Owns Boran Et?

Boran Et’s Suleiman, Selim, and Halit Boran are brothers. They have taken over their professions from their fathers to their fathers. They are proud to continue as a generation. Boran brothers, who started their activities by opening a butcher shop in 1985, started the meat trade professionally with a corporate structure in 1995.

First Project in Turkey

The Angus breed imported from Uruguay has achieved a first in Turkey with 3,000 live heifers. With this project as a brand, its goals reduce foreign dependence on meat by producing more red meat.

Quality and Hygiene Policy

It produces healthy meat without compromising quality and hygiene rules in preparing animals for consumption feeding. The equipment used in slaughterhouses is compatible with the latest technology, and cold storages meet the standards. It employs 80 staff, including 3 veterinarians and 2 animal health technicians.

Boran Et has preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its plants.