Büyük Sürmeli Hotel

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Sector: Shopping Mall and General – Area: İzmir / Selçuk Pamucak

Büyük Sürmeli Hotel is a hotel company that provides services in various cities of Turkey. It is among the hotels serving in many cities, especially in Istanbul, for many years. The hotel is located in the most central area of all the cities it serves. In this way, it shows it’s fully equipped, complete, and quality service understanding.

It is also known for its proximity to city view hotels, meeting rooms, and shopping malls. Büyük Sürmeli Hotel is a hotel equipped with wide staff opportunities, a wide service understanding, and the latest technological wonders. It continues its services with its ever-growing service understanding and trained personnel.

Büyük Sürmeli Hotel Services

Büyük Sürmeli Hotel is one of the hotels with a wide range of service possibilities. The services of Büyük Sürmeli Hotel, which provides full service in each branch, are as follows: meeting rooms, SPA, restaurant, entertainment, wedding services. In general, these services are offered completely at Büyük Sürmeli Hotel. In addition to these, it strengthens its services with its large number of personnel. All personnel under the body of Büyük Sürmeli Hotel; consist of fully equipped, complete, and trained personnel. Due to this, we can say that it is a company with a solid service understanding.


Büyük Sürmeli Hotel is serving a complete service in many cities in Turkey. Aiming to increase the number of branches day by day, the hotel realizes it’s planning in this way. Büyük Sürmeli Hotel has branches in Ankara, Adana, and Istanbul. The hotel has been serving in these 3 cities for many years without interruption. Due to this, it has reached a high-quality understanding. All hotels under the roof of Büyük Sürmeli Hotel have 24-hour room service, restaurant, pool, and open buffet facilities equipped with the latest technology. Hotels continue to grow day by day with the understanding of service. Also, all rooms in Büyük Sürmeli Hotel (Büyük Sürmeli Oteli) are designed as smart apartments. Each room presents the most beautiful views of the city to its guests.