Çamlıdağ Süt

Çamlıdağ Süt | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Milk and Dairy Products – Area: Aksaray

Çamlıdağ Süt started its activities in 1992 under the umbrella of Özkayalar. Özkayalar, which entered the sector with its feed production facility in 1989, started its production to become a reliable brand in the milk and dairy products sector by evaluating the network it established with farmers and collaborators. The integrated facility of Çamlıdağ Süt continues its way strongly despite the challenging market conditions. The production facility makes significant contributions to employment and collaborators in the region.

The adventure that started in 1992 continues by controlling the quality at every stage, from the collection stage to the sale stage. With the combination of experienced personnel, quality and hygiene understanding, customer satisfaction, technological investments, the production process continues with confidence.
The brand, which opened a production facility by European standards in 2015, has taken a big step towards halal and healthy products’ hygienic presentation. Ensuring customer satisfaction and examining customer demands with great care contributes to the progress of Çamlıdağ Süt in the market.

Consumer Satisfaction Matters

It adopts policies based on satisfaction to maintain consumers’ trust in the milk and dairy products sector. Quality and hygiene are not compromised at every stage of production so that individuals of all ages can feel confident while buying and consuming. In the future, product development efforts continue uninterruptedly to become one of the most important brands preferred in the sector. While the products developed are evaluated in health and taste, consumers’ expectations and demands are taken seriously.
The satisfaction of the employees in the production facility increases the efficiency of each stage during milk processing.

Product Diversity that the Sector Needs

It delivers the milk collected by farmers and collaborators to consumers’ tables by ensuring food safety and hygiene in its integrated facility. The production of milk and dairy products that consumers need makes it one of the most preferred brands.
Çamlıdağ Süt’s production portfolio includes mainly milk, cream without added custard, curd cheese, cheddar cheese, and cream cheese. While consumers can reach the milk and dairy products they need, they consume it safely.

It has preferred Vibroser products and services in providing structural hygienic conditions in Çamlıdağ Süt facilities.