Captain Gıda Dedem Kuruyemiş

Food and Beverage Industry
Captain Gıda Dedem Kuruyemiş
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Sector: Food and Beverage Industry – Area: Ankara

Captain Gıda Dedem Kuruyemiş started to serve in the food sector with its 3 factories established in 2015, with wafers and chocolate production. Production facilities are in Kahraman Kazan Organized Industrial Zone, and Kilis Organized Industrial Zone.

What does Captain Gıda Dedem Kuruyemiş produce?

Captain Gıda Dedem Kuruyemiş produces chocolate, wafers, and snacks in its facilities equipped with the latest technology. It produces 14,000 tons of annual production in facilities with an area of ​​16,000 m2. Facilities and production lines are designed following high hygiene processes and food codex. It delivers more than 100 chocolate varieties to consumers with the latest technology devices with quality and delicious service procedures.

R&D and UR-GE Studies

It has specially created laboratories in its facilities to continue its R&D and UR-GE activities uninterruptedly. In addition to contributing to the national economy in its activities, it considers society’s social structure and cultural values ​​. It has adopted the principle of production that is compatible with the developing technology, meeting the changing and increasing demands of the consumer. It provides production efficiency with automation systems and state-of-the-art machines.

It Has Many Brands

The adventure that started with Şölen Chocolate, which they produce in Gaziantep, continued with Misbis in Istanbul, Ankara Chocolate, and Captain Gıda in Ankara. Founded in 1947 and Turkey’s most preferred brand is one of the rare chocolate brands that was also acquired. In 2018, to continue the Ender brand’s retail sales, it has established a 5-floors store with a closed area of ​​1500 m2 in Avcılar.

Wide Marketing Network Abroad

In addition to its domestic activities, the brand, which follows an export-oriented policy, exports to 25 countries, including the Middle East, North Africa, the EU, and the Turkic Republics. In addition to maintaining its brand activities, it also contributes greatly to the national economy.

Captain Gıda Dedem Kuruyemiş Sustainable Production Approach

Different flavors and aroma in production activities have strengthened its position among Turkey’s best brands with sustainable brand research. It offers the products it produces suitable for all ages and income groups. It contributes to the development of the sector and the increase of quality standards by being among the leading brands that direct the sector.

Captain Gıda Dedem Kuruyemiş has preferred Vibroser products and services to provide structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.