Cargill Primary School

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Sector: Shopping Mall and General References – Area: Bursa

Cargill Primary School, located in Bursa Orhangazi district, was established on February 3, 2006. Cargill Primary School was completed in 8 months and cost $ 1.6 million. The school consists of 16 classrooms. Many teachers have been directors since its establishment. On the first level, there are 10 teachers in other branches and teachers in each lesson. This school, which hosts approximately 380 students from Kurtuluş and Ali Tekin Primary Schools, was built with many details in mind, from private classrooms to disabled ramps.

Cargill Primary School Achievements

Cargill Primary School aims to provide education for the general and special purposes in national education’s basic law. It is proud to be one of the primary schools, which is the first stone of education, to raise generations that are characterful, devoted to the country and nation, and equipped with human and national moral values.
It has been engaged in self-sacrificing and diligent efforts to create new generations that recognize and adopt national and universal values, questions, and research. The institution’s instructors aim to train students aware of their duties and responsibilities that respect their thoughts and rights, develop themselves, and show the necessary care to shape the new generation.
Cargill Primary School has a lot of success. It was awarded the White Flag in the 2016-2017 academic year. This school has received many other awards that reflect our moral and national values. Cargill Primary School, a “nutrition-friendly school” in the 2017-2018 academic year, seizes every opportunity provided by the Ministry of National Education and tries to provide students with the best conditions.

Primary School Teachers

Instead of pursuing a rote education, it adopts the understanding of “immeasurable service cannot be developed” with the training plan prepared in the light of the education vision as required in 2019 and 2023. Preparing a new road map in the light and guidance of science, the school continues its efforts to improve physical and technological advertisements by doing strategic planning. These activities, including education, social, cultural, and sports activities, have been created to make school-environment relations healthier, permanent, and regular. It is among schools and teachers’ duties to teach students as a preferred school to fulfill school social functions. In this context, the “strategic plan” will start implementing the Cargill Primary School team’s plan.