Çarıklı Et Entegre

Vibroser References Carikli Et Entegre

Sector: Meat and Meat Products – Area: Muğla / Fethiye

Çarıklı Et Entegre is a food brand that has been serving uninterruptedly since 1982. Turkey’s 38 years of providing complete service flow instead of many, especially Mugla. Çarıklı meat followed a unique butcher strategy. All of the meat offered to its guests consists of animals raised in their own farms. The adventure that started in the Fethiye district has been reflected in many parts of the Aegean region today. Today, Çarıklı Et, which forms a fully equipped, perfect production model, is one of the most preferred butchers.

Integrated Meat Plant

When the calendars show the year 2013, Çarıklı Et Entegre; established an integrated meat facility with 15.000 m2 open and 1.200 m2 closed area and a daily capacity of 15 cattle and 500 ovine slaughter. The facility, which is transferred from Fethiye Municipality, has fulfilled the Ministry of Agriculture requirements and has made the necessary modernization. It was one of the first slaughterhouses to receive the approval certificate in Muğla. Also, Çarıklı Et Entegre, affiliated with Çarık Meat Company, is in a structure that follows the model slaughterhouse model in the region. It is the number one in Muğla and the biggest slaughterhouse in Fethiye. Butchers of the surrounding provinces/districts come every day at the Integrated Meat Facility; they provide sheep and cattle slaughter. Since it is a fully equipped slaughterhouse, it continues to serve actively every day.


There are 2 different farms under Çarıklı Et Entegre, namely, Bovine and small cattle. The natural life of the animals has been tried to be provided through these farms. In addition to the fact that all animals are domestic, they are regularly subject to veterinary control. All of the feeds consist of products produced by the farm itself. In this way, the meat that comes to the table is delicious. The cattle farm is established in a large area of ​​25,600 m2. The sheep farm is located in an area of ​​14.500 m2.


Çarıklı Et Entegre product catalog is quite wide. Besides having a menu created over a wide range of options, there are important factors such as the products’ freshness. General to the products; It consists of Beef Group, Lamb Group, and Offal Group. It has a wider range of products than what a butcher should have.