CarrefourSA Bakery Products


Sector: Food and Beverage Industry – Area: Ankara

CarrefourSA, one of the leading names in the retail industry, never compromises on its quality with the bakery products it offers for sale. The company presents its bakery and desserts section to the customer in food and food ingredients. CarrefourSA, whose product ranges from small snacks to wonderful desserts, is also quite wide in bakery products and places products that appeal to everyone on its shelves. The company sells all kinds of products to facilitate consumers’ kitchen shopping.

The Most Natural and Freshest Again From CarrefourSA

Many products such as flour, phyllo dough, starch, semolina, whipped cream, cocoa, and fruit sauce meet their consumers under the bakery products category. It is possible to easily reach every product you are looking for on the market shelves of CarrefourSA. The bakery products category includes ready-made products and different flavors to be prepared by the users themselves. At the same time, countless ready-made snacks ranging from macaroons to eclairs, from opening varieties to bagels, from cakes to shuttle cakes, and from salty cookies to meringue are waiting for the customers in the CarrefourSA Unlu Mamüller section. CarrefourSa, which manufactures its products in hygienic environments and undergoes a strict inspection of products that are not in its own production, offers its customers the healthiest, most natural, and freshest products.

With Thousands of Products, CarrefourSA Customers’ Choice

In addition to these, there are products in the CarrefourSA Unlu Mamüller section in powder form and waiting to be made. These desserts, which customers can make in a snap after unpacking, are among the most preferred products of the CarrefourSA bakery department. Puddings, chocolate sauces, jellies, puddings, cake varieties, and thousands of other products are offered for sale in the CarrefourSA Unlu Mamüller section.

CarrefourSA Unlu Mamüller department; Alaçatı House, Our, Carte d’Or, Dr. Oetker, Filiz, Fo Food, IHE, Kardelen, Kenton, M. Bake, Nuhun Ankara, Pakmaya, Superfresh, Söke, Sinangil, Teptıp, Thelıfeco, Unabella, Uno and Ülker brand products. Also, more than 150 non-branded products are offered for sale on the shelves of the market. There is a pastry group among the products called unbranded. Products such as simit, eclairs, profiterole, shuttle cake varieties, opening types, pastry varieties, fresh cake varieties, and baklava varieties are sold within this category.