carrefour apazari

Sector: Shopping Mall and General – Area: Adapazarı

Carrefour, the world’s 2nd largest retail group, opened its first sales store as a small market in France on June 15, 1963. The brand, which progresses to become the leader of Europe with its modern structure, is in second place among the world’s largest market chains. Turkey opened its first store in 1993. Carrefour is the first brand to bring the hypermarket concept to Turkish consumers.

The Transformation of Carrefour into CarrefourSA…

In the supermarket, Turkey’s most prestigious brand, Carrefour, is the first Turkish company to provide consumers with the convenience and hypermarket concept. In 1996, the brand that combined its strength with Sabancı Holding emerged as the CarrefourSA group and launched its first market project in Adana. After this market opened 1 year later, a rapid branch formation started in Anatolia.
In 2005, Gima and Endi markets were added to its structure. Thus, the company, which became stronger in the sector and became a giant brand, strengthened its presence in Anatolia and started to serve with many branches in big cities.

Projects Featured by CarrefourSA

Due to forming the first brand store network in Turkey, it has its own advantages. In 2013, he handed over the company’s management to Sabancı Holding, and by creating a new strategy, an investment of 165 million TL was made with the right technology, human resources. The right market concept gained its current strength. Determining a changing market concept, CarrefourSA today incorporates different customer segments with super, hyper, e-commerce, mini, and gourmet concepts.
In 2015, it increased its speed and took steps that are described as a year of strength. It bought 55 stores in total with İsmar and 1e1 markets. This brand, which owns 85 percent of Kiler shopping services Gıda Sanayi ve A.Ş., stands out with its growth and value creation potential, and the social projects and the right strategy make the company grow gradually.

Extending from France to Turkey Adventure…

Merged with Sabancı Holding after the company was established in France. The supermarket chain in our country was formed in this way. Then both the supermarket chain which was created in Turkey both economically efficient and has become a lucrative shopping address.

CarrefourSA preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.