Çarşı | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Shopping Mall and General – Area: İstanbul

The Çarşı Stores, which serves 21 branches in 11 provinces of our country, has started to serve under the roof of Boyner. Boyner made a statement on this subject. Osman Boyner, the founder of Boyner Holding and Chairman of the Board of Directors, stated that the stores of Çarşı are now under the roof of Boyner. Boyner group stated that Çarşı Stores has become one of the strongest companies in the non-food retail sector.

The size of the development office and sales area that Çarşı Stores have today is important in meeting the needs of retail customers both in our country and globally. Çarşı indicates 2004 as a way of change and renewal. It is stated that at the beginning of 2004, the company’s capital was increased by 50%, and it was restructured and continued to serve. Also, Çarşı Stores continues to exist locally.

Samsun Çarşı Stores

Çarşı Stores was established in Samsun on October 3, 2000, as the Black Sea Region’s first shopping center. This shopping center, which is established on an area of 7500 square meters in total, has a wide variety of brands and products and serves all the Black Sea Region, especially Samsun residents. Çarşı is a company that prioritizes environmental awareness and aims to invest in sectors that are especially needed to strengthen the Turkish economy. The company wants to work harder to support the investments made and reveal the Turkish people’s strength and hard work. The brand, which previously started its journey with few employees in a small square meter, has now succeeded in becoming the Black Sea Region’s largest shopping center.

Samsun Çarşı Büyük Mağazacılık A.Ş. Continuing on its way with Güneş Foreign Exchange and Jewelry, the company determines a wide direction and making new friends beyond gaining its goals.

Recep Duman, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Çarşı Stores, states that many investments will be achieved in every field that is worked with faith and determination in unity and solidarity and that they are working to achieve these goals day and night. He emphasizes that it is the country’s debt to leave safe and peaceful tomorrows to future generations by deserving more. The company states that they are proud and happy to serve the entire Black Sea Region, especially Samsun.