CCC Continental Confectionery Company

Food and Beverage Industry
CCC Continental Confectionery Company
Continental Confectionery Company | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Food and Beverage Industry – Area: Çorlu

Continental Confectionery Company (CCC) was established in partnership with the Danish chewing gum producer Gumlink Company and Ülker Group (Yıldız Holding). The company partnership, which started its activities in 2009, continues its production in the chewing gum and confectionery factory established in Çorlu with the slogan “We add flavor to life.” The company is one of the well-known names globally with its branded and custom made products.

World Brand with Wide Product Portfolio

CCC manufactures its products using high technology. Among the branded products of the company, which has a wide range of products, are Ülker Oneo, Ülker Cream, Ülker Bonbon, Ülker Yupo, Ülker Yıldız, and holiday candies and chocolates. The company’s products are among the branded products rising rapidly both in our country and globally and are the most preferred by consumers. The company always pursues the new with its expert staff.

It makes a difference not only with its taste but also with its package

Benefiting from the technological advances of the age, the company is one of the most assertive manufacturers in our country with its different products and different packaging styles. The company, which pays special attention to the packaging and the product’s taste, makes a difference in the market with this work. It reaches the most accurate and ergonomic result by including the consumers and the suppliers they work closely within research and development studies on the packaging. With this aspect, it also reveals that it is always consumer-oriented. Continental Confectionery Company offers innovative packaging forms to the experience of its consumers.

Fully Equipped Production Facilities and Professional Employees

The company’s sales and marketing teams are operating in Turkey, Denmark, France, and Germany. The production place of the company is in Çorlu. In addition to the chewing gum factory established in 2010, the confectionery factory opened its doors to production in 2014. R & D activities continue to work with the experienced employees and centers equipped with Denmark and Turkey’s latest technology. The company employs 700 people. It has a production capacity of 20 thousand tons of chewing gum and 22 thousand tons of confectionery per year. With this capacity, it directs the global market and takes the lead in exports in our country.

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