Chamlija Wine

Chamlija Wine | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Food and Beverage Industry – Area: Lüleburgaz

Chamlija Şarapları is a family business established by the Çamlıca family. Mustafa Çamlıca is the investor of ‘fine wine.’ He is also the name behind Chamlija Şarapları. The creator of the name is İrem Çamlıca, daughter of Mustafa Çamlıca. The headquarters of the company is in the Büyükkarıştıran district of Lüleburgaz.

Earth Speaks

Çamlıca family has been dealing with farming since 1936. The first generation of the family emigrated from Bulgaria to Turkey. Working as a family business, wines are produced by Mustafa Çamlıca in the company. Bottle designs are made by İrem Çamlıca, while advertising and marketing are under the management of Arzu Çamlıca. The company produces its unique couplings and monospace. The most important reason for this is Mustafa Çamlıca’s original attitude. Çamlıca examines the crop and soil conditions in detail every year. Wine is produced from the best crops every year. The firm, which prioritizes taste and quality rather than continuity in wine, has a holistic approach to nature, saying “we produce whatever soil offers us.”

Makes a Difference with Unique Bottle Designs

In addition to its taste, Chamlija Şarapları is also mentioned with their bottle design. The designs of wine bottles are constantly changing and not repeating each other. The creator of this is İrem Çamlıca. Çamlıca, which usually designs earth-based themes, also puts its signature on labels with illustration and miniature art. In addition to this, the product also sets a throne on customers’ hearts with its humorous designs.

Correct Planting, Quality Soil and Product

All of the vineyards of Chamlija Şarapları are located in Kırklareli. The company, which has 85 hectares of vineyards, has 6,666 or 5 thousand vines per hectare. There are also 10 thousand vines where experimental studies are conducted. A dense sewing technique has been applied in the vineyards owned by the company. The purpose of this is to increase the quality of grapes—the soil structure where the vineyards are located in the Istranca Massif. The soil, stone, and sand of the vineyards come from the massif. This increases the flavor, quality, and efficiency of the grape.