Çobanoğulları Süt

Çobanoğulları Süt | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Milk and Dairy Products – Area: Uşak

Çobanoğulları Süt is a nationwide company established in Uşak Eşme in 1947 and today has a wide range of products and employs 130 people. There is an assertive variety of products, especially in cheese varieties.

Çobanoğulları Süt Quality Policy

Consumer health and benefits have been placed at the center of Çobanoğulları Süt production quality policy. Production within this framework is also carried out in high quality and healthy conditions. The product range includes butter and white cheese, curd cheese, knitted cheese, tongue cheese, cream cheese, fresh cheddar, old cheddar, and village cheese varieties.

It supports the producers by cooperating with many producers in the environment using the producers’ milk in the surrounding villages. In this way, producers contribute to both production and agricultural policies. As a company, it also shares resources by buying milk from the villagers instead of dairy farming.

In the production facilities, the maximum hygiene norms are observed during the processing of milk collected from the producers. Especially since raw milk has the ability to spoil quickly and produce bacteria, it should be processed quickly. In this context, the raw milk that comes to the production facility is processed immediately. During its processing, traditional methods are blended with today’s technology. Production made with such care is, of course, high quality and healthy.

Management Approach

Çobanoğulları Limited Company Chairman of the Board Dr. Nizamülmülk Güneş and other members attach great importance to high hygiene processes in the facilities by the company’s mission. Also, routine health checks are carried out by being aware of the added value of employees’ health and happiness in production.

Added Value to the Region

Çobanoğulları Süt contributes to the development of livestock breeding of the people of Uşak-Eşme-Kolankaya Village. It enabled the villagers to receive grants and loans related to animal husbandry. Thanks to the villagers’ farming, it is ensured that the pastures and fields are used at full capacity. Animal feed factories also have a large share in the market. Also, environmental opportunities are used for the distribution of the products produced in production.

Quality certificates

It has international quality certificates. The national field has been awarded the TSE quality certificate, the food production permit certificate, and the halal food certificates. Thanks to ISO 22.000: 2005, it has proved that it has international production criteria.

Çobanoğulları Süt preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.