Cumhuriyet Sucukları

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Sector: Meat and Meat Products – Area: Afyon

Cumhuriyet Sucukları was established in 1923 and is a soudjouk brand that has been serving uninterruptedly until today. It continues its production in the food sector in its own line. Until today, they have provided the production of hundreds of thousands of sausages in a fully equipped and complete manner. Sausage of the Cumhuriyet has been gaining ground in the industry as one of the exclusive businesses providing services in Turkey. It continues to share its deep-rooted and vast experiences with its current guests.

History of Cumhuriyet Sucukları

Butcher Kara Mehmet, one of Afyonkarahisar’s notables’ well-known butchers, puts the newly opened butcher’s name as “Cumhuriyet” calendars show the 1920s. Cumhuriyet Butcher has been one of the most respected and reliable butchers in Afyonkarahisar. In the following years, Kara Mehmet sets out to produce a unique sausage with a new formula. The soudjouk produced is enjoyed by the people of Afyonkarahisar. Day by day, the reputation of Kara Mehmet’s sausages spreads throughout the region. After the death of Butcher Kara Mehmet, his sons Ahmet and Ömer Kocaçoban started working for the branding of Cumhuriyet Sucukları. In the following years, Cumhuriyet Sucukları were scattered all over the country and became a delicious taste.

Selling Points

Cumhuriyet has branches in dozens of cities in our country. Products are supplied through each branch. The brand has more than 500 employees today. It should be said that Cumhuriyet, in addition to its growing consumer mass, also benefit from advanced industrial vehicles. Products are supplied in recreational facilities, city centers, and various stores.

Production of Cumhuriyet Sucukları

The production of Cumhuriyet Sucukları is made over traditional flavors that have not changed for a hundred years. Having industrial production equipment, the brand also realizes different production possibilities to preserve the essence of sausage. It has a production understanding where hygiene conditions are fully equipped, all production employees are subjected to training, and processes are carried out on real meat. Cumhuriyet Sucukları has a perfect production opportunity in fermented soudjouk production. Sausages produced under special conditions offer a unique taste. Cumhuriyet Sucukları is produced in certain regions of our country. It realizes its growing production opportunities day by day, at the point of necessity.