Dalaman Airport

Sector: Shopping Mall and General – Area: Muğla / Dalaman

Dalaman Airport is located within the borders of the Dalaman district of Muğla province. This airport, whose construction started in 1976, started to serve in 1981. Located the only airport within the district’s boundaries bears the distinction of being among the airports in Turkey. The closest residential area is the Dalaman district, and it is 6 kilometers away.

Dalaman Airport began to be built in 1976 and was fully put into service in 1981. This airport transportation, which is established in the south direction, is provided by taxi and bus companies. Dalaman Airport, which is open to civil and air transportation 24 hours a day, is a precautionary area. It was built on a total area of ​​9,343,000 square meters.

Located in Muğla Dalaman, this airport is preferred by thousands of local and foreign tourists because of its safe and high-quality service. It has become a transportation center. It is an airport that is used extensively by holidaymakers, especially in summer. It provides transportation by private transfer method for those who want to go to Marmaris from Dalaman airport. It is possible to travel by Havaş, Mutaş, Muğla Municipality buses, and taxis. There is a shuttle service for all flights, and the shuttle departs to the city center approximately 20 minutes after getting off the plane.

Muğla Dalaman Airport Transfer Method

For Mutaş and air companies, the airport’s departure point has been determined as the Marmaris bus terminal. Shuttles depart from Dalaman Airport to Marmaris after each flight from the airport car park. Service hours are determined approximately 3 hours before the flight time. Those who want to use the shuttle can get information about the airport’s departure times and the shuttle service times.

705 Million Euro Agreement for Dalaman Airport (Dalaman Havalimanı) Operation

Operating rights transfer tender was held for Dalaman Airport. The highest bid in the tender was recorded as 705 million Euros. With the agreement that will last until December 31, 2040, the State Airports Authority will be responsible for Dalaman Airport’s operation. Many more companies competed in the tender. The company that won the tender took over the construction business. It continues to operate since April 28, 2015. In the tender, the auction started with 350 million Euros, and the tender continued until the group. Firms in four groups increased prices and have not withdrawn from the tender during this time.