Demirci Hotel

Demirci Hotel | Vibroser Reference Projects

Sector: Shopping Mall and General – Area: Antalya

Demirci Hotel is a family business located in Adrasan, a unique paradise on earth where green and blue meet. It is in a format that can be considered a resort since it is 100 meters from the sea. Most of the businesses in Adrasan are operated by the families living here. It is a boutique hotel with 10 rooms. However, it is of five-star quality due to its service quality and superior features of the rooms. It has 2 swimming pools, which can be considered quite a lot for this scale hotel. 3 standard rooms are 25 m2, 6 family suites are 35 m2, and 1 honeymoon room is 30 m2.

Demirci Hotel Service Policy

Demirci Hotel reflects the family warmth and hospitality arising from being a family business as a service policy. Simultaneously, because the operator pays maximum attention to hygiene rules, it causes them to prefer high-quality hygiene products. It is possible to stay in a healthy environment with peace of mind in the facility, which is very attentive and systematic in disinfecting rooms and textile products.

Hygiene Practices

The products used for the sterilization of the pools and the surrounding areas successfully provide sanitary conditions that do not harm human health. Disinfection applications made with special sterilization machines prevent the guests from experiencing an environmental disturbance.
It offers superior flavors in special menus in the morning and evening prepared by expert cooks and the service to make every guest feel special. The management, which creates a real resting environment thanks to its concept appealing to both the guests’ soul and stomach, also offers special alternatives to its guests seeking entertainment.

Environmental Policies

Demirci Hotel takes the necessary precautions to dispose of waste generated in the business not to harm the environment. Besides, it is aware of the importance of environmental protection for tourism as per its sustainability policy. It reflects this awareness of its services in the business. It applies all international hygiene processes to ensure that its employees and the hotel have health conditions. It cooperates with brands that supply the highest quality and top segment products.

Demirci Hotel preferred Vibroser products and services to ensure structural hygienic conditions in its facilities.